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Okay so I just pulled my Experian report. I was wondering if people can start me off with some tips about how I can get some things removed.

The first thing I noticed is that an account appears on there as charged off. Then I see that same account appearing in collection agency. Shouldn't I be able to get the original charge off removed?

This lists addresses all the way back to my college dorms. Can I get those removed? How far back are inquiries supposed to appear (I have a couple from 2006)

My other thing is that the accounts I have on here all went delinquent and I've been doing the dmp. I've noticed that the balances have gotten lower but it says '$0' for recent payment. I would really like to get these Collections off of here. Any advice is much appreciated.

I believe the first step should always be to dispute everything, wait 30-45 days, then send debt validation letters to the ones that are still on your report.

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Having both the OC and a CA reporting TL's is legal under the FCRA so you probably will not be able to dispute those off. You can try and hope that they fail to respond w/in the 30-45 days allowed (45 days if disputing from annual free reports).

Dispute all the incorrect or obsolete personal information but if any TL's appearing on your report are attached to those addresses, EX will not delete. You would have to update the correct info with the Data Furnisher and after they update their TL, then you can dispute it off.

INQ's can only show for 2 years so if you have anything older than 07/06, dispute those as well. They have minimal impact on your score after 1 year.

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