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i am lost! i am ready to get my life back on track but i dont know where to start. i have debt sent to collectors but dont know how to find them and i believe i have something sent to the courts but i dont know how to find out....

Hi Mgglbrn,
That's great that you're ready to get your finances in order. I'd start off with pulling your credit report from all 3 agencies. I actually just did this today from:

It was very easy, free, and walks you through obtaining your credit report from each agency, and then bouces you back to select the next credit agency to pull.

Print all 3 of them out and start comparing. Not all companies report to all 3 credit agency.

Good luck to you! :P

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Mary Garcia Mary Garcia

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where do i go to find out how far i am in debt?

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i need to know how much debt i have against my name?

can you help??

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read the posts will tell you.

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what if you don't have a credit or debit card

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just look for your dam credit reports!..dummy!

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you have to visit to find out your all of debts.
You can get latest reports about your debt.


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gunz.ijjistaff gunz.ijjistaff

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Not all debt is on credit reports.. medical debt.. if not put into collections.. I think that's the real question being asked... how to find ALL debt

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I use a credit monitoring service that my company just came out with and it's very cool because not only serves as monitoring (partnered with Equifax, by the way), but it also helps you develop a strategy (a fast pay plan) to get out of debt through debt stacking in real-time. It's called DebtWatchers and it costs the same as Equifax already charges per month ($14.95, and you cancel at any time), plus the added features of debt management and automated alerts. Check it out and feel free to contact me for further questions: ****************************

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