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I have an old account that I disputed - paid off all byt the $560 that I never charged. Of course with interest since last activity in 2003 it is reported as much more. Chcked my credit report today and it lists a "recent payment" of $70 a few months ago. I read somewhere that creditors can record a non-existent payment to keep the SOL from going into effect.
Should I contact Experian or the creditor (actually there have been 4 different junk buyers holding this acct the past 3 years!)

Please go to and get a copy of all three of your reports. Once this is done,you will have a starting point to begin a fix.

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 04/17/2007 - 05:39

cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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If you have never done a payment on the date mentioned by the creditor, dispute it with the credit bureau and request to investigate with the creditor. Your credit file should show the accurate status of all the accounts. You may speed up the dispute process by sending a copy to the credit company reporting to the bureaus.

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onelamb onelamb

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