Alright, so since my first freak out post this morning, a lot has happened:

1. I contacted a credit counseling service (reputable, local and recommended by my county's Department of Children and Family Services!). My husband and I have an appointment there tomorrow. I also explained my internet payday loan predicament. She advised me to call into my bank.

2. Called into bank's customer service. The rep advised me of the 'no ach debit' codes that need to be put on the account, and referred me to a branch in my area that is not the same one I've been dealing with (I live in a small rural community, and come from the city originally.. and the branch manager treats transplants like sh...crap).

3. The branch manager at the secondary location listened patiently while I explained what was going on, and opened up a new account over the phone. The old one is still open, but only with enough fundage to cover what is still pending, and the new and old accounts have been prevented from accepting ACH debits.

I haven't even been here a full day yet, and the things I've learned on this site have been beyond lifesaving.


Also, in reference to the payday loan companies:

I called all of them to make alternative arrangements. None of them will. I even offered to pay in full one of them immediately and they won't allow it to be paid without the loan reaching term (the smaller one for 265.00). So, the credit counseling agency stated that they *should* be able to work with said companies to recoup their losses, less the finance charges. All of these lenders are in violation of Indiana state laws (one open loan ONLY), so we shall see.

Once again, you guys are awesome! I'll be posting progress updates as they occur, and I know for sure I'll be back for more advice. This place is great!

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