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Wolpoff received a judgement against me because they told me I had no choice than to make a payment arrangement with the court. I did not know better. Now I have disputed it further with the creditor (AT&T) and found that they do not have record of my account but are looking into it. They even gave me a case #. Palisades is the one that had it first and they would never validate when I requested and then they sent it to Wolpoff (I have all the certified letters I sent to both companies). I am now going to court because I just found out they have attempted to attach my bank account and garnish my wages because I stopped making payments when I spoke with AT&T. What can I do in court to explain that I don't owe this. AT&T says they are investigating further but still have not called me back.


If Wolpoff already has the judgement against you, your options are limited. Did you show up in court?

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I did show up in court. When I got there they pulled me into the hallway and told me my only choice was to set up a payment plan through the court. I did that. Then I found out that it is fraudulent because I don't owe AT&T money. What can I do?

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