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In February of 2009, I received a collection letter from Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co. on behalf of Hilco Receivables. I promptly sent both of them debt validation letters via USPS CM+RR, giving them 30 days to validate the debt.

Their 30 days were up on March 6th (Hilco) and March 9th (WWR). Since I know CAs can't technically be held to those 30 days, I gave them a little more time on top of the original time so they could validate the debt.

We're a few days short of 60 days now and neither Hilco nor WWR have responded - in other words, the debt was never validated. In fact, I didn't even receive a flimsy "account summary" print-out from either of them (I thought I would have at least gotten one of those).

Well, I checked my TransUnion report last night and it appears as though Hilco reported on the account in question - the one they never validated - on 03/10/09 ... four days after the 30-day validation "limit" I gave them.

Am I wrong or did Hilco violate the FDCPA when they reported on that account despite not validating? What should my next step be?

Should I now send CM+RR requests to the Credit Reporting Agencies to have the Hilco account removed from my reports based on the lack of validation AND the fact that they're trying to keep the account current without having validated?

Thanks for you help!! Much appreciated!!

Is the account showing a notation "Disputed by Consumer, meets FCRA requirements"?

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No, it isn't.

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I'm having the same problem with UCB Collections. I have asked for validation 3 times. I did get one of those account print outs which of course is not validation, in fact, it confused things more as it had two people's names on it and two company names. I disputed it once and it came back verified. I'm disputing it again. Isn't this a violation of the FDCPA? Can I sue UCB? Should I send a 4th DV to UCB? Thanks for any input. I'm not paying these people unless they can validate. This is not right. They should not be able to report something adversely on my credit report without validation.

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Portfolio and Pinnacle are doing the same to me, among other things, that's why I'm suing them both.

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what is the statue of limitation on a 20 year old debt with a collection agency(atty office)? Do I still need to pay this debt?

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AnnaT, what state do you live in? SOL varies by state.

Sub: #6 posted on Sun, 04/05/2009 - 23:01

FloridaRon FloridaRon

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I too am being sued by Weltman and their client is of course Northland Group and many other aliases. I have asked for DV from Northland, which I never got and also Weltman, which lo and behold and I never received as well. I spoke to a consumer debt attorney and he told me that I should have never been bothered by Northland, but once Weltman gets involved they go for the lawsuit. I don't see how they can proceed without violating the protection laws, but they do.

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