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I have several agencies that have been calling my home ever since I moved in looking for the past owner of the huse as well as several looking for the person who used to have the phhone number that is currently mine. I have informed these agencies and they have not only referred to me as a liar but their automated systems call my house several times EVERY day. One of them has even started calling my cell phone looking for people I don't even know. Is there a way to make this stop??

by the way...I have already tried reporting them to government agencies and it hasn't done any good.

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You have a couple options available:
1) Change Phone numbers - your cell carrier would likely give you 1 number change for harrassing phone calls for free, same with the landline
2) Send each CA calling a full cease communication letter either CMRRR or Priority Post w/ delivery confirmation. Also file complaints with the FTC, FCC, AG in yours' and their state. Do you know the names of the agencies or can you post the phone numbers calling?

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