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Desperate and need help: Washington Mutual Checking Account

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My husband and I had opened a joint checking account with Washington Mutual quite some time ago. This account was closed out at some point in 2004-2005, because we were moving to a new neighborhood. We switched to Commerce Bank. I had automatic debits coming out of the WaMu account, and one that was about due to come out. Under advisement from a bank representative, we withdrew all money except what was needed for the automatic debit. We went back to the branch after the debit was withdrawn, and closed out the checking account with a $0.01 balance. We moved shortly thereafter.

I January 2007 I received several calls to my home from a collector regarding an overdrawn Washington Mutual account in our names. I contacted the WaMu 800 number several times and was told that an old checking account that I closed out in the mentioned branch a few years ago with a $0.01 balance was never closed properly by that office. Because of which, ACH transactions attempted to come through and rejected, which cause the account to be overdrawn and accumulate fees to over $900.00. As suggested, I sent a letter to the branch (CRR), and followed up with the branch via phone a few weeks later. I was assured that this matter would be taken care of, that the fees would be reversed by Washington Mutual and collections would cease.

Fast forward to April 2008. I received a letter from Island National Group, LLC trying to collect on this account. Upon further investigation, I pulled our credit reports and found that RJM Acquisitions is report this account as derogatory, in the amount of $900+.

I immediately mailed a CRR letter informing Island National Group and RJM Acquisitions that their information was wrong, that it was a bank error, and I was working with the bank in resolving it.

I then sent a CRR to WaMu’s main office. I explained the situation, also provided copies of my original CRR letter to the branch in 2007, the CRR letters to the two collectors.

In June I saw that RJM was still reporting on my credit reports, so I did an online dispute with the CRAs. CRA came back that it was verified. However, I did not realize that the CRA will not send you proof if you do an online dispute.

I’ve written three CRRR letters to the WaMu’s main office since April, and have not received any letters or phone calls back.

Now what do I do???????


I think you should dispute it with the credit bureau in which wrong information is given. After getting your letter, they will verify it with the collection agency. If the CA fails to provide the required information to the bureau then the bureau is bound to erase the false information.

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phoenix phoenix
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I would also recommend going into a WAMU branch and sit down with the branch manager and explain the situation. Bring all your documents. Tell him that WAMU hasn't responded. A face to face meeting might get the job done (with respect to WAMU).

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desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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You need to escalate with WAMU. Talk to the branch manager and follow up with a confirming letter.

Your dispute with the CRA was rejected, but you can still put in your own 2 cents, with a customer statement. Do that.

I would also dispute it again.

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I guess what I will do is dispute the charge with the CRAs again, this time via mail.

The branch where I held and closed the account is no longer there. A month ago or so I went into a different branch, however they wouldn't touch this "unique situation".

I've tried going through WaMu's 800 number, but since I am at a new job, I can't call from work (only get 1/2 hour lunch and I do not have a cell phone). When I call at night, I was told I need to speak with someone with upper authority, and they only are in the office during day hours.

I can't believe that the corporate office is ignoring my letters, especially since they are mailed CRR.

I want to lodge a complaint against WaMu. Who should I do so with, the BBB? The AG? What about an institution banks must comply to?

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So I did as I said above, sent the dispute to the CRAs. But I would like to lodge a complaint against WaMu. Who should I do so with, the BBB? The AG? What about an institution banks must comply to?

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All banks are governed by either a state or federal agency depending on their charter. Look up your state goverment website and find the one agency that deals with banks and they should be able to help you.

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I'm in NY. Do I complain to NY, or do I complain to the state where the bank is governed? How do I find out which state that is? For Washington Mutual Bank.

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Contact NY and they will direct you.

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