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If you are receiving calls from "unknown numbers" via caller id and..

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it is debt collector.....if you phone has the set up option, block all "anonymous" or "unknown number" calls.
That way they must disable it on their end in order to call you and if they hang up on you, you can google their phone number by what shows up on the caller id pretty simply.

If they want to find you that bad and they have your phone number, they must have your address. Let them put something in writing and send it to you via United States Postal Service. That way what you have is in writing and so is your response for proof of any debt.

No bottom feeding scum bags do anything in writing, they ALL do it behind "unknown number" caller id's and by breaking the boundaries for FDCPA, not that violating those "guidelines" mean anything either.......when you file complaint with FTC about violation, nothing happens and debt collectors continue harassment BUT DISABLING their ability to harass you by calling you and blocking THEIR number means you can turn.....tie up their lines.....see how to "block" your number when calling them back.
Let them see how it feels to have your day interrupted repeatedly by hangup calls and being uable to get what they loosely call 'work' done.

Just an FYI - not all "unknown number" calls are debt collectors - many business places come up as unknown on caller i.d. - my own workplace is one of them, and we are not a debt collector - we are a manufacturer of large equipment.

You can block calls that are designated by the caller to be anonymous - but you cannot block ones that are simply coming up as unknown - some will still get through. Your "anonymous call block" feature will only work on those callers who INTENTIONALLY block their number from your caller i.d.

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We can only block numbers that are known to you and the only
way we can do that is threw our at&t smart limits for $4.99 a month.
With smart limits you can block up to 15 numbers.

Unfortunately, if the owner of the phone number that is calling you has
a private or blocked number, AT&T is not able to determine the number
calling your phone. Our system logs this call as an unknown number.

We have no means of blocking unknown numbers from calling your wireless
number. If it is necessary for this number to not contact you, we are
able to change your mobile number.

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i have found that they know ways to get around this, i blocked all unknown numbers and they just find an "out of state" number

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bea2ls bea2ls
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is this something new? Caller ID displays UNKNOWN NUMBER and it's blank where a phone number should be. It's really starting to Piss me off, been going on for a week now.

Sub: #4 posted on Wed, 04/15/2009 - 05:00


AVG, that has been happening to me for awhile now.. i do not know why it happens this way. i also get some of them that read "OUT OF STATE", whereas usually out of state calls show up with a phone number.

Sub: #5 posted on Wed, 04/15/2009 - 21:13

bea2ls bea2ls
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We get bombarded with unknown name, unknown number or not available... or private.... We are ready to get rid of the home phone, as that seems the only solution. Sorry. But Cox, QWEST, etc. etc. surely have a way of giving us a key stroke to put on our phones to do a call back (and that was before caller id).

That is the whole purpose of the caller id option and having ones phone number on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. You can't report them if you don't have their phone number. We need a law that every phone number except perhaps residential should be required to display their phone number.

Until we finally decide where to just cancel the home phone, which with cell phones (even my 89 year old Mother has one) who needs a home phone, as these annoyers never leave a message as to who they are- if no one answers they just hang up, I am now answering and put them on speaker phone and don't say a word. So all they hear is silence and they say hello, hello, hello. And they hang up. I am really annoying them by doing this. Now they don't just waste my time, they are wasting their time too. yeah!

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Then here's a new one for the group. My caller ID shows "unknown caller" on my home phone, not my cell. It happens several times a week - sometimes several times a day - and I am unable to trap or trace the number. Star 57 can not find the number, star 69 can not recall it and when in the past I have answered, there's nobody there. Just silence. My phone company says there is no way to block it or find out who it is and they have no way to find out from checking any call logs of incoming numbers to my phone. If nobody is calling me, am I just hearing the phone ring because I'm going nuts? The quick answer is no I'm not crazy, but I get the calls all the time and can't find out where they are coming from, why they would be calling when there is nobody there, and I don't owe anybody anything so it isn't debt collectors. What the hell is going on? Why would somebody call me, block their number and not want to say anything if I answer? And, no, my wife isn't getting calls from an anonymous lover who won't say anything when a man answers, so no comedians, please.

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It's really strange John. Some illegal scam debt collectors do call and harass consumers by not talking over the phone. But, your case is really strange. Let me talk to my attorney friend. I will get back to you.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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It's likely an auto dialer checking to see if the number is actually in use. They may sell the numbers to telemarketers or scam companies, etc.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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Originally Posted byOhioGal1
It's likely an auto dialer checking to see if the number is actually in use. They may sell the numbers to telemarketers or scam companies, etc.

Maybe...but twice a day and/or several times a week for months? By the way, since I posted that message I also tried star 77 which is supposed to block such calls. Doesn't work! They got through twice so far today.

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