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Hello Everyone...I was with Sifxpert. I didn't give him any of my money except the $500 retainer. No accounts were settled. I just settle my Citibank for 38% and one of my Chase accounts for 55%. I have at collection agencies Bank of America (united recovery systems), American Express(NCO), another Chase (just went to Mann Bracken...this one was just charged off and Chase won't take it back) and Discover (Zwicker and Associates). I haven't contacted any of these collection agencies yet. Will collection agencies settle? Not sure what to do now. I'm scared to call them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Have you sent any of these CA's a validation letter to make sure these are legally your debts, and to make sure they have the legal right to collect on them?

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No, I until recently thought that Sifxpert was handling these for me. Now I realize that I will need to contact them myself. Can you send the validation letters now even though for a few of them they seem to have been with the CA for a few months now?

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Sorry...I forgot to login before I posted the reply above.

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JRoglitz JRoglitz

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Yes, you can send them a validation letter but I'm not sure how effective it would be at this point, however, I have contacted the FTC with a few questions about debt validation and the creditors responsibility regarding this subject. I am still awaiting a response.

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