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I am being threatened with a lawsuit from an illegal payday lender that I had a loan with a couple of years ago. I live in Kansas and the payday lender is Big Sky. I do owe them money, but when I found out they were illegal I didn't bother to pay it back. What steps do I take to make them go away? And how far can they take this since they didn't loan to me legally?

we always advise paying back the principle borrowed as you did take the loan.however they are tribal,and can't do spit.again we don't advise not paying back the principle,or making a real effort to do so.that being said they can't again do squat.lastly while they can do nothing i don't condone,or endorse your stance.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Before you stopped paying them - how much had you borrowed originally and how much repaid?

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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Let me clear up that if I had the money to pay them I would. When I stopped paying them I had several legal payday loans owed that I wanted to focus on paying. I am still not in a position where I have extra cash lying around to pay Big Sky. Since it was an illegal loan it isn't a big priority for me right now. I do hope to pay it back at some point.

When I stopped paying them I had paid $150 on $600 loan. However, this isn't the only loan that I had taken out with them and I know that I paid a ton of interest on the other loans that should be applied to the principle of $600.

This does have me worried. I know that they aren't abiding by the FDCPA, but Big Sky has a reputation for being very aggressive and I am worried that they will take this to court.

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Who is threating you? Is it Big Sky or a law firm?

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cb cb

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I don't know if it is Big Sky directly or a third party. The woman that I spoke with wouldn't tell me who she worked for. I asked her if she worked for Big Sky and she said that she is with the Litigation Dept. and that they work with Big Sky. I asked her what the name of the company or Law firm was that she worked for and she got aggravated. What bothers me is that I don't have any information to research or to use to go after these people.

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since you were threatened by a them.use any number you have.either on caller id,or one they give you.a tribal disgrace can't take legal action,and they know it.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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