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Hi, I've been receiving phone calls from a Mac Dawson from ACS Incorporated trying to collect on some type of debt that I have (i think he mentioned a pay day loan)...when I ask them what the debt is from, they won't disclose that information, but continue to call & harass me several times a day. They have been calling my work as well & speaking with my supervisors & harassing them as well.

Finally I took his phone call, & he is trying to set me up on some type of payment plan, took my credit card information (which was a credit card which has nothing on it, wanted to research it before giving my actual CC info) so they can take out money out & sent me some type of paperwork that I need to sign to allow them to do this.

well I never sent him the signed paperwork that he wanted, so he called me 30 times within the hour...I finally picked up & explained to him that I would like for him to cease communication w/ me & that I'm getting in touch w/ my AG & complaining to the FTC, but he said if I were to do that, that things would get worse & people would show up to my work & Garnish my wages?!? First off, I live in NC, so payday loans are illegal to begin with, along with wage garnishment....but now I'm scared on what he can do to me.

Any ideas on what I should do?!?! I'm supposed to send him the "signed paperwork" by today at 10:45...the only reason why I told him I'd do that is so he'd leave me alone! help! please!

okay first off file a police report as this dope is harrassing you.second do file the AG complaint as well as an FTC complaint.third ACS(affidavit consolidation service)is a scam in INDIA that can't do squat.the faxing of the form is their trick alone.file the police report,and complaints.then hang up on him as talking to the loser only gets you more calls.eventually he will get tired of hearing the click and dial tone.do that knowing this is a scam and can't/won't do a thing except call.stop the cycle now!!!!!!!!!!!

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Don't give them a penny. This is a scam. Take a look at this thread. File your complaints and then ignore their calls. http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/collection-agencies/ thread58802.html

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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should I go ahead & fax a cease & desist letter? the only thing that concerns me is them calling my work...I told them to stop & he agreed to stop calling, but still...when he had called, my boss def. told him that she wasn't transferring the call bc to her, it seemed like a prank call, and he def. said "i put bomb in your office" & hung up, then called back again.

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You can send it, but you need to remember that these people are operating illegally and are most likely out of the country so, they probably won't abide by it. Your best defense is to not talk to them. The more your pick up that phone, the more they think they'll be able to squeeze some cash out of you.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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These people really know how to scare people. yikes. glad I got the info from this site. you guys are awesome

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I have the same problem with these idiots. They spoof their phone numbers to look like they are coming out of the same area code as mine. One of them even threatened to come to my house and kill me. I took down his fax number and sent him a fax of a picture of myself holding a few of my firearms collections with a sign that says, stop calling or I will find you. They called more until I threatened to involve homeland security, the FBI, and the CIA... yes it was a lie... the only one I could involve was the FBI and I filed a complaint with IC3, but it was enough to stop the calls for a while. When they started calling back I spent a few days with the normal pranks, an airhorn into the phone, answering and then sitting the phone down and turning on porn while recording what he was saying etc. Finally I got tired of the little toys and went onto my cell phone carrier website and blocked all numbers they call from. It works, they can't do anything if they are blocked. Also if they calling your work, somewhere at some point on the internet you applied for something that got phished and you put your work telephone number into it. Bad on you. I'd suggest explaining the situation to your boss that they are a scam artist and include it in your complaint of harassment.

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They are trying to do the same to me, and I know know nothing about this agency and thank you for knowing this and info. Thanks,

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