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I had a call from CFG & Associates stating that they are collection on a payday loan I received in March 2009 from PDL Ventures. They state that I owe $337 and gave me a "case number" and said that if I do not want to pay this debt then they will continue with legal action. I'm a full-time student and on my own. I REFUSE to give out my routing and account numbers to anyone. They said I could make three payments of $112 by credit or debit card.

I haven't received anything in writing from this company and this is the first I have heard of them. Does anyone know anything more about them? I do not have $112 to give them right now, I will in the next couple of weeks. Should I send them a Debt Validation Letter and a C&D letter? Can they sue me for $337?

Do you owe the debt? Make sure that you've never taken an internet payday loan also. Then, you can send them a C & D letter. Regarding your question whether they can sue you, I would ask you to tell me the name of your state.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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Most payday loan collectors are operating illegally and just make empty threats. You are right to refuse to give out your banking info. Don't pay by credit or debit card either unless you are positive it is your debt, positive that the lender was operating properly in your state, and positive that they collector has the right to collect on the account. I have never seen a lawsuit for as little as $337, my guess is they are just trying to scare you into paying. I would call their bluff.

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Joe Smith Joe Smith

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CFG and Associates call me they had been calling , when i answered the phone i spoke with penny she said i owed a pay day loan when ia sk, whom was the debt associated and i needed information on the debt because i do not recall making a pay day loan she stated this was a law firm and they do not have to give me this info. then she decided to ask me for my e-mail address . i was giving it to her giving her the word associated with the letter. she got very upset i stated who the f--- are you talking too?. I wanted to complain to the BBB however was unable . Do they have a website and some type of law that protects the consumer from being harass from debt?

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Cfg and associates....lord seeks vengeance on those who cheat and do people wrong and you all are going to answer to him because he's coming for you!!!!

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