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My only income is SSI. My brother also gets SSI. My father had to go to a nursing home last June. Ever since, the Medical Hospital has been sending bills at my former father's home (I live in it with my developmentally disabled brother). Then they started sending "final notices". I called them and applied for charity. I did not get their decision, because I told them I applied for Public Aid for my father to pay his bills. They told me to call them back when I got a approval letter.
I haven't gotten the approval letter yet. (Public aid is slow). Last night, while I was in bed, we got a call and the answering machine recorded it. It was from an agency that bills for hospitals. So, I guess instead of waiting for me to let them know, they sent it to an outside agency for collections. I guess I am responsible for paying (these are deductibles not paid by insurance) these bills. There are many, many bills, some are $400+. My father had to go to ER many times this year. And had to stay a few times.
Since my father has dementia, I have power of attorney. So, when he goes to the hospital, I have to sign for him, to get treatment. That's where the problem is. Since I signed for him and had to sign my name, I am assuming I am now responsible for his debts. There is NO way I can make payments. My expenses exceed my income already. I may end up homeless soon. Is there anything I can do to get them off my back?
The call came from 866-701-4203

I contacted the OC, and they said "it's not a collection agency" but work for them. Anyway, it was a mistake it got turned over to an outside agency at this time, and they will notify the party not to call me. So, hopefully everything's ok for now. Just have to wait and see if my father's public aid is approved. I sure hope so.

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