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I was wondering if anybody knows what the state of Texas laws are concerning the original creditor and what things are considered illegal with them?

I am not sure exactly on state laws in Texas regarding collection efforts. However I do want to mention that Texas is a non- Garnishment state. They also do not allow liens on property . Collectors hate that state because they have very little leverage to collect there.

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I was just wondering cause I have up to 6 calls a day from one creditor alone and it is really getting on my nerves. I am not denying the debt I just am not able to pay at the moment.

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I was wondering also, I have people that call me who are what I assume collectors yet they never leave messages and since I am at work I can't answer, but I was wondering, would they try and use that against me saying they tried to contact me when in reality I didn't, know they did since they never leave messages. I never receive anything in the mail either.

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call attorney Daniel Schafer at 210.348.0500. he will give you a free consultation. His firm sends out advertisement letters offering free consultations for collection harassment in Texas. He is also listed on

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Never assume. It can lead you into dangerous territory. You should keep in contact with your creditors while you are able because collection agencies aren't fun to deal with. Have you tried asking about a payment deferal with the creditor? If it is a credit card you should still continue to recieve your monthly statement until the account charges off. If you have recently moved to a new address you need to update the information since your creditor hasn't been able to reach you by phone.

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