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I have a credit card debt that is scheduled to come off my CR June 2009 last activity 2/2002. Now I have a collection attorney that is trying to collect on this bill. I thought the SOL on credit card for Ga. is 4 years. Can the attorney still collect? Not that I don't want to pay but before I make contact for a settlement I want to make sure I know my rights.

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Sure he can attempt to collect but he cannot sue you. Simply send them a FOAD letter telling them it is out of SOL.

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It's going to continue to be a collecteble debt until it's a resolved debt. The SoL just determins if legal action can or can not be taken against you.

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soap lady very good advice! :D :D :D
you are helping so many here keep it up!!!!! :D :D

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what is the correct meaning of SOL.what is SOL in Georgia

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