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I keep getting a call from Ann @ Sims & Associates, she says my debt is only for $260.00 and is pressuring me for a payment, but I don't know what company they are calling me regarding. As far as I know I don't owe anyone $260.00. Finally after about the 4th attempt she got real nasty with me and I told her she needed to send me a statement or bill in the mail so I could turn it over to my credit counseling service....and maybe I'm crazy but she didn't really understand what I wanted and why, because she said to me "You understand it is just $260.00 you owe." WHAT? send me a bill so I can pay it. Anyone have any experiences with this company? I'm leary of this woman. Thanks Pauli'sGirl

This is the information in the BBB website.

Sims & Associates
2728 82nd St
Lubbock, TX 79423

If the company is collecting for one of your past debt accounts, ask them to validate it with all the account details from your creditors. Review the interests and fees added with the principal amount before you make any payment agreement. You need to know if they have a legitimate debt or if you missed the payment in the past. You should get something in your mail within 5 business days. If they don't send anything in writing, send a debt validation letter through certified mail with return receipt requested. Keep the green copy in your folder for records.

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Christina Christina

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Thanks Christina, I will wait for the mail, this woman just seemed a little put out that I wanted something in writing so I found it strange, especially since I haven't gotten anything at all from them.

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Christina, Previous message was from me, I guess I wasn't logged on. OOPS. Thanks again Pauli'sGirl

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Pauli'sGirl Pauli'sGirl

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Don't wait for them to send you anything in the mail. If they have been following the laws, you must have got it within 5 business days. Send a DV letter from your side to prove that you have taken actions in knowing the debt and you are not trying to avoid anything. The proof from your side will count if the matter reaches the court. Send the letter through certified mail with return receipt requested.

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IncredibleHelp IncredibleHelp

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Ok, this weekend I searched anywhere I could think of to find anything I had with Sims & Associates regarding this $260.00 that I supposedly owe. I found nothing, nadda, zip. Anyone out there have an address for these folks so I can send the DV letter as suggested? Thanks Pauli'sGirl

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Pauli'sGirl Pauli'sGirl

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Duh, I must be brain dead. I see where Christina provided the info in a prior posting. Sorry.

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Pauli'sGirl Pauli'sGirl

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Hi. My name is Sharon Neese. I have set up with Michael James to have my payment deducted out of my account on the 26th of each month. I NEED to have that date changed to the 28th of each month.

I am working a second job to repay this debt. This payment will come out of my own account and I am afraid the money will not be there each month on the 26th. My money will be deposited on the 27th of each month from my second job.

I just don't want there to be any problem repaying this debt.
I want to get it paid. Thank you.

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sharon we are not this CA(thank god).you will need to contact them directly.we are a community to help people in debt to get out of debt.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I agree with Pauli'sgirl. I had someone contact me from them as well. I asked numerous times for something to be sent to me in writing and they still have not sent me anything, they seem to call about twice a week and ask me to make a payment via checking account and I keep telling them that I will when they send me a statement to inform me what I owe money on.

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