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Anyone delt with or dealing with Sessoms and Rogers? I am having nothing but trouble with these attorneys and their in house collectors!!

Don't allow them to do this. Send them and the collectors a debt validation letter, asking for all documentation that proves they own the debt or are authorized to collect it, that the amount they say you owe is correct (statements) and that you have a contractual obligation (contract or other documentation signed by you). SEnd this letter CMRR.

If they are able to properly validate, then you can work out some sort of payment arrangement with them. You are in control, do not let them badger and bully you into something you can't afford. Just remember to do everything in writing so you have a nice paper-trail and can show you were making every attempt to work with them in the event they try to sue you.

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goldenbast goldenbast
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these people keep bugging me. I have requested them to send me the documentations that proves I own this debt and so forth. I am not paying for anything until then. If they do sue what could happen?

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they will probably sue you, they have me. who are they collecting for? when did you ask for validation?

Sub: #3 posted on Mon, 03/23/2009 - 19:05

needmylifeback needmylifeback

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You need to request that information in the form of a debt validation letter, sent certified mail return receipt. This is so you can prove you asked for validation, otherwise they will say you never asked them. Has the 30 days from when you got the first letter (have you gotten any letter, or just calls?). You need to send the DV letter within 30 days or they can continue to collect.

If they sue, you will need to ask for the documentation during discovery, then they have no choice but to comply or you can motion to dismiss.

Sub: #4 posted on Wed, 03/25/2009 - 06:37

goldenbast goldenbast
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these people are not very understanding when you don`t have a job you don`t have any money all they want to do is sue or take out a judgement

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This company is well known for behaving in this way. We just won a court battle with them because the Statute of Limitations had run out. What's shocking is that they tried to ignore the law and call the debt a 'promissory note' instead of an 'Open-end account" (credit card account) in order to extend the Statute of Limitations.

They will use every trick available if they think that it will fly with you, but they really thrive off of making their victims afraid. Don't give in. You can fight these lawsuits yourself. We did. I wrote about it here:
< /div>

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What is the statue of limitations on a credit card debt? This law firm has issued a civil summons and I am not sure if I should fight this or what.

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Depends on what state you live in and when the last time a payment was made.

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I for one disagree. This company has been wonderful to me and I have no complaints. If you owe the debt then you pay it off. Nothing is free. Yall need to quit telling stories about this firm. Again they are wonderful people. If yall cant afford to pay then quit running up credit cards and car loans. Simple as that.

Sub: #9 posted on Thu, 12/10/2009 - 00:13


candycane, did we strike a nerve there? you must work for these people, why would anyone in there right mind that has had to deal with just about any CA, come on here and defend them. Yeah, some are not as bad as others, but all in all most people that are in debt and dealing with CA are not going to brag on them.

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