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Hi I was contacted by a woman who only gave the company name as RSI, The number she called from was a dead line. She threatened me over a cash advance I took out on the internet I told her I would be happy to pay as long as she sent me proof I owed anything. She never sent anything. The next day i get a call from a man who tells me he is a detective with the local court and tells me I have 10 counts of fraud but he will do me a favor and if I pay this bill right then everything will go away. I was scared and gave him my account information. He told me the charge would be listed as check business. We contacted our bank they bank said the payment went to a chinese resturant in Towanda NY. The bank reversed the charges, My local court has no pending criminal file or civil suit either. The money came back to me today from the bank and now that same collection phone number was on my caller Id on my cell and at my work. I don't know what to do. I'm really upset here is the number the lady gave me 877-498-5600/ 713-481-9947 any advice?

Yes! NEVER give out any of your banking information ever! Never do this no matter what!

This is illegal for this collector to lie and say you will be charged with fraud.

Send them a dv (debt validation) letter and make them prove you owe this debt. Next time they call don't answer, just hang up!

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Hi Thanks for the reply. I don't even know how to verify the company. I did an internet search and I found companies called RSI in Houston but none of the phone numbers match. I haven't called the company back, I don't want them to know I called. Stupid huh? I don't know why I am so scared.

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speedywendy speedywendy

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Don't be scared. The law is completely on your side! If I were you, I would be extremely angry, not scared! For one thing, the payment went to a Chinese restaurant??? WTF??? Not to mention that the guy telling you he was an investigator is complete and total BS and it is illegal for them to do this to boot.

You should call them back and tell them you are on to their scam and that you will not hesitate to haul them in to court for violating your rights. You should also report them to the authorities, I am sure they would like to know this company is impersonating them.

Heck, I would get this company to dig themselves deeper. Take the call and ask which branch of authority they are with and tell them you eagerly await them at your door to arrest you, heck, tell them you will meet them down at the local police station. :)

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goldenbast goldenbast
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You helped me. I called got an address, sent an overnight letter along with my debt validation letter. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted. I know things are not solved yet but at least at the moment I feel more in control. I also printed out the laws on internet cash advances and my rights. This site is awesome. The guy on the phone at the company refused to identify himself. Hows that for being transparent. THANK YOU. I think I am going to report it to the authorities.

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speedywendy speedywendy

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Every time one of these low life bottom feeders poses as law enforcement, THEY become in SERIOUS violation of the law! It just kills me what lengths they will go to. If debt was a criminal offense, I would be doing 30 to life with no chance of parole. I have WAY more debt than I can pay back in 700 lifetimes.

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jmoon219 jmoon219

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Wait a minute, there was another post about a payment going to another restaurant... olution-services-8.html

This one involved a restaurant near Buffalo, NY called the Burgundy Room.

Something is **VERY** fishy about this.....

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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Speedywendy, I'm having the exact problem. They will not send me proof nor give me the complete account number to where the "funds" were supposedly deposited. Then another person tried to give me an account number that was actually a routing number. They must think we're a bunch of idiots.

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Unfortunately, it is likely a scam. I have been doing some very deep investigations and will be reporting on that some time this weekend.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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