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Last week I received a call from a lady claiming she was an investigator for an unpaid payday loan. She neglected to name the company she was working for but did leave a number which was apparently for a company called "Prudential" according to the automated voice. She said I owed a specific amount of money and that it had to be paid via credit or debit card, neither of which I have. I called back later that day and ended up talking to some guy. I kindly asked him for the companies full name and address, though he refused to give me the mailing address, as he said it was for security purposes...

I've been doing research regarding this company and thus far this is all I can find:

I'm not 100% sure this is a scam, but some of this stuff just seems rather sketchy. I did some research regarding collection laws, and I have received no documents in the mail stating that I owe this debt. Also, the fact that they refused to give me their address also makes me feel skeptical. I received a call from later today saying if I don't contact them by 12pm tomorrow, they're sending out my case.

Are these people legit or is it just a possible scam? I appreciate any help.

I think this is a scam. They are trying to scare you. Don???t make any payments without a valid proof. Next time when they will call you back, hang up on them.

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Tyler Tyler

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I appreciate the input, sir. However, I'm not sure if I should just hang up seeing as it'll just anger them more, and they'll most likely continue to harass me. If I can just get a couple of more people to pitch in their two cents, I'll be more confident with the situation.

I also neglected to mention a few things. I did actually receive a payday loan, over a year ago, from a company called SSM Group LLC, AKA OSL Marketing, and apparently Summitt Group. They began taking substantial amounts out of my bank account causing me to overdraw, so as a result I made the bank put a hold on payments, eventually closing the account. The debt is apparently for $1,600, but they said they were willing to settle for $600. I asked them if I could pay $50 weekly, but they refused. They then wanted me to put down $75 via credit or debit card, neither of which I have, as previously stated. Also, even if I did, I wouldn't be dumb enough to give it to them without getting all the facts. They said it was defraud and that I would be taken to court. From what I've read, these situations are apparently civil cases, but her tone of voice implies that it's a criminal case. Also, I currently live in the state of Tennessee if that helps any.

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ashcrimson ashcrimson

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SSM is an illegal ipdl,and prudential is a bottomfeeder.use any numbers you ones on your caller id.file an AG complaint.then do as advised.they are a bottomfeeding lawbreaking scam.the facts that they lied and broke the law as stating they are investigators is a lie and illegal.secondly they are by law required to send a letter of collection 5 days after initial contact.i know this place didn't and the lie about security purposes being the reason they can't give an address is an insult to you.again file AG complaints and yes hang up without a word as that what lawbreaking bottomfeeding garbage deserves.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Oh, I just messaged someone else regarding the issue, but as soon as I click back, I see you've responded. Thank you very much, sir, I greatly appreciate you help.

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ashcrimson ashcrimson

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Any company refusing to give out their mailing address for "security purposes" is a total scam....

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Yeah, so much for them sending out my case file at 12pm. I just got two calls today from the same lady, today, a "Ms. Perkins". She left me two of the EXACT same messages she's been leaving me since last week. Same tone of voice and everything. As if she forgets she's leaving the same messages over and over again, with the same person. It's been day 7 since they first called and still no documents. I'm pretty much ignoring all calls and saving the voicemail messages.

Thanks again, everyone.

Sub: #6 posted on Wed, 02/08/2012 - 15:03

ashcrimson ashcrimson

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I recieved a similar call as you I filed a complaint with the federal trade commission I also contacted many lawyers to sue the company if they can find them..I do not this they are legit first I was told there was a bounty hunter looking for me then I was told it was a collector both men I talked to were the same person. Now I am suing this company.

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