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Protocol Recovery Service is based in Panama City, Florida and has a satellite in Atlanta, Georgia and a soon-to-be closed satellite in Pensacola, Florida. Outwardly, it's a good little agency. The office was small and ramshackle, the management staff consisted of two people. The Administration, Human Resources, Payroll, and Reception departments were all the responsibility of one woman.

On the surface, a good little agency. Some adherence to the fdcpa but not as much as there should be, and not as much as at CCA. It's third party collecting retail accounts, bank cards, Discover, Rehabilicare, and the dreaded payday loans.

After just a few weeks it became hell. The stupid preset goal goes up every month whether you're ready for it or not, and those who aren't reaching it become recipients of heckling, harassment, and ridicule from management. There was no "establishing trust and building rapport" it was always "make the demand and shut up"

I'm a good person, my collections experience was born in a strict FDCPA environment which was also positive and professional, and the focus was on helping the borrowers. At Protocol, the focus was on serving the client. I was told several times that my open-minded "student loan" aproach to the borrowers of payday loans was "corny".

Long story short (I'm sure you all know what happened) I don't work there anymore. I just couldn't take it anymore, not to mention that Protocol Pensacola is no more after March 24, ha-ha!

I understand what you felt very well. After working in a healthy atmosphere, it's really very suffocating to join such a bad company. Wish you a better life after March 24.

One thing Ari, could you tell us if collection agencies monitor all outgoing and incoming calls or not. Sometimes consumers hear some beep sounds at regular interval but the callers usually do not disclose the fact. Is this legal while calling a person who belongs to a state that does not support recording conversation without the permission from both the end? Do the collection agencies use these recordings for legal proceedings or these are kept secret for evaluation purpose of the collectors only?

Sub: #1 posted on Thu, 02/16/2006 - 23:25

stanley stanley

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Not all the time, not that I know of anyway. I think that conversation recording on the end of the CA is at random. Sometimes for quality control purposes, compliance purposes, and when push comes to shove, evidence in court.

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Jedi Mistress Ari Jedi Mistress Ari

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The Georgia PRS has been harrassing me with phone call 6 days a week at all hours of the day and evening. The people they are looking for had the phone number I now have. I have had this number for over 2 years. They do not believe me when I tell them I am not so-and-so. You worked for the FL PRS, what should I do ? Thanks.

Sub: #3 posted on Wed, 10/04/2006 - 00:30


I live in southeast FL. protocol recovery service
from Georgis is calling me about someone who used to have my phone number. I have told them every single time that it is not me. They still call and ask when my husband Joe will be home. My husband's name ain't Joe ! This is not our debt.I wrote them a letter and they still call me anyway. What should I do to get them to stop already ????

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Did you give the letter the utmost legal importance? The letter should sound in such a way that if you receive any more calls from them, the fdcpa laws will be violated and you will file a class action lawsuit against them. Send your letter through certified mail with return receipt requested. Here is the template in which you can insert your info.


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keystrokes keystrokes

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MM and Jeanne may have to file an official harassment complaint with the Attorney General in Georgia. If you sent them letters and told them repeatedly that they have the wrong number and continue to try and collect from you, that is harassment.

Sub: #6 posted on Wed, 10/04/2006 - 04:15

Jedi Mistress Ari Jedi Mistress Ari

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PRS contributed to the Georgia AG's campaign so I don't think I will have alot of luck there. I did write to him, and he has not replied.
I sent three letters to PRS, the last telling them I filed a claim with the FTC, which I did. They still call me, so I guess they have been down this road before !

Sub: #7 posted on Thu, 10/19/2006 - 05:00


What I can tell you is that the people who work at Protocol are not exactly the brightest stars in the sky. These are people who worked the fryer at Mickey D's before landing thier junk debt collecting jobs. Maybe they have been down this road before, maybe they are on the good side of the AG which sounds pretty corrupt to me, but nevertheless they still have to obey the law. Contact the AG anyway, who cares who funded who.

Sub: #8 posted on Thu, 10/19/2006 - 05:08

Jedi Mistress Ari Jedi Mistress Ari

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Thanks everyone, for your ideas.
I did not want to reveal my name and address to Protocol as I feel they have no right to know my business. They are contacting me for the people who had the phone number years ago.So I couldn't send a certified RRR letter without revealing my name and address.
I think Protocol would look up my credit history and try to reactivate some 10 year old account or something sleazy like that. I don't trust them at all !
I too filed with the FTC and I wrote to Protocol and told them so. Of course I told the FTC my name and address and all the info.
I also wrote to the FL AG who is in the midst of a big election campaign - he wants to be governor. So I thought this would be a motivation to help out a citizen and registered voter. Thought he'd schmooz with his probable pal/buddy, the AG of the neighboring state, GA, but no, he wrote back a form letter and said he can't do anything as it's GA not FL. I guess I'm too idealistic.
I hope the Federal Trade Commission really does something, takes some action and isn't all talk. Because I feel I am really a VICTIM here ! I have nothing to do with this and my family is being harassed!!By fry cooks no less ! (* + * )

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I too am being harassed by this agency, I have told this company that the person they are looking for has never had this phone number and to stop calling, but the calls continue. The person they are looking for did own our home about 4 years ago before we purchased it. I have done some research of my own and found the owners name of Protocol Recovery Service, his address and his home phone number, if I continue to receive harassing calls from him, I plan to start calling his home and give him a taste of his own medicine. If any one is interested in doing the same let me know and I will pass the information on to you.

Sub: #10 posted on Thu, 10/19/2006 - 18:23


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