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614-586-4357 - is this belongs to profile recovery group?

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Has anyone heard of the this collection group? They left me a message telling me that this message was an official notice that I was being served and they gave me an affidavid #. When i called the number back to get details, I asked him who they represented and he said "Payday Loan" and that I owed them $790. When I asked him if I could have validation, he was extremely apprehensive on giving me that information. I asked him to email it to me and said "when should I call you? after i send this to you?". I still haven't received an email from them. I just wanted to know if anyone hear of them. I can't find their number or name on the internet.

next call should be to your court clerk to confirm if there is a case against you.there are alot of bottomfeeders that use the tactic that they used on you.usually when you check with your court clerk there is you basically demand something in writing before speaking with them again.btw what number came up on caller id?

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Would I be calling the Court House in my county? I just went through this with another company called WNYC. They turned out to be illegal. I send them a letter and they cut all contact with me. Now this place, I can't seem to find on the internet or anything. I didn't notice the number they called from either. The number they gave me to call was 614-586-4357

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Bayley5 Bayley5

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next time this place calls make note of the number on your caller id.yes check with your county court clerk.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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They still didn't send me an email as he told me he would. I called the courthouse and she said they had nothing with my name attached to it. I will see what number comes up if they call me again.

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Bayley5 Bayley5

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The number I got from them was 614-586-4357, I have had people like these contact me and my family before, stating they have warrants for my arrest and summons for courts, but all you have to do i know how to handle them. Look up your rights, file complaits with the government (yes that is your right), and they HAVE to stop calling you if you tell them too. The problem with this company is that they don't have anything to go on but the number and company name (and I couldn't even get that until I called the number back, with my number blocked, several times). Without a website, email address or physical address to go on, you cant send a cease and disist letter. The letter works, I have done it, but you have to be completely thorough, have all your information correct (case numbers, dates called, etc) and don't be as rude as they are or use profane language, otherwise they have grounds to use against you (yes it is just as illegal for you to do it to them), not to mention puts you on their level.

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Ignore them. If they do not send you something in writing, then do not even respond. I would not even answer the calls.

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southernapostolic southernapostolic

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I have already been through this with another illegal collector by the name of WNYC. They had me in a tizzy to find out they were illegal. I sent them a letter with all my details as well as copied the New York State Attorney General and they sent me an email telling me that they would not contact me again. But this place that called themselves Profile Rocovery has not called me or sent me anything since I asked him questions about his company, etc. I don't understand what they think they are going to get out of doing that to people. Unless you know your rights, I guess they can scare you into just about anything. Thanks for the tips. :D

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Bayley5 Bayley5

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I haven't heard of this company, but they called me as well. I didn't have a case at my county clerk's office, but I did pull out my paperwork and I completely forgot about this Payday Loan. They said the balance was $1,376, but after giving them the run around for two months, I called and offered them $350 and told them to take it or leave it. They took it of course, but make sure you get a legal release from them, because four days after I paid, another collection agency started to call and tried to collect. The legal release must have the original account # on it or it's not valid. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

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Will you be paying taxes to the IRS on the balance forgiven: $1026? I hope not.

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It depends on if you're insolvent or not. But even then, that number is unlikely to raise the tax bracket so it should probably only add about $300 or so to the taxes. That's till a savings of over $600. Not bad for filling out a couple of forms!

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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