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Hey everyone!

Yesterday I received a phone call from an unknown number stating this man was a process server from the court. He said he said someone had filed a lawsuit against me and he needed to serve me the papers. He told me if I called 1-877-404-8463 before the end of the day, they would send him a stop order to not serve me. He said if he did not receive the stop order, he would call me this morning to set up a time to deliver the court paperwork to me at my home or employer. He never called today.

I work for my county juvenile court and have access to the adult database of court cases. I looked up my name and nothing came up. It got me to wondering if this was possibly a scam to get me to call the number. I know it may not be a scam, but I thought it sort of weird that a process server would call. He had an American accent, but it was noisy in the background in his message. I can't find the number he told me to call anywhere online to see what it might be in reference to. What do you all think?

It is certainly a scam. File a case with your local police authorities for the threatening they have given to you over the phone.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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Person called n left a message. Said their name was Mike Anderson and that they are a process server and wanted to set up a time to deliver a summons and then said they will give me 3 hours before they send a uniformed officer out. Sounds like a scam to me. Can't think of any reason what so ever of why I'd be sued, but even if I was... why would they call first. Dumb!! Plus the call appears to be from California and i'm in the midwest. They called from 760-637-3710 and left a number of 888-310-3751 to call back. I won't be calling back. I'm sure they just want private info.

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I would call back and offer to meet them at your local police department.

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I agree with Soapaldy...if at all it is a scam once you agree on meeting them they will certainly sop harassing you any further..

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KateB KateB

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I had the same scam. Sending Uniformed officer out if I ignored them. The next day I contacted the District Attorney to look into this matter. 4 hours after that I had a call from the local courthouse trying to get my address(the number on the caller ID was that of the courthouse). I blew him off because I didn't believe it, I know how to spoof a phoneline as well. I told this so called sheriff that the Distict Attorney would like to speak to you of this matter. He yelled at me and told me you know what, I am just going to turn it back in as a Failure to be served, I haven't heard back since.,

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I received a phone call this morning (this is the 3rd time I've received a phone call regarding this). It was from a private number and *69 wouldn't work. The guy that I talked to ask for me by name (including my middle initial) and I never let on that he was speaking with me. I asked what it was in regards to and he told me that he was a process server. I told him I wanted to know who/what I was being served for and he informed me that the papers were sealed (which is a lie, all process servers know what the matter is in regards to). I told him it was a crock of **** and hung up on him. They try to "verify" your DOB and SS#. they don't need to verify anything b/c they don't have it.

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No process server calls you! EVER. Process servers are a private company not in any way related to the court. If a court was to send out summons, it would be by a sheriff who wouldn't call you either..they just show up and hand you the paperwork.

Also process servers don't call and try to get payments out of people..all they do is serve paperwork, no more no less.

Anytime someone claims to be a process server tell them you look forward to their visit and will bake cookies.

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goldenbast goldenbast
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I have the same thing happening to me now. He says his name is Shawn Weber and he will serve me at work if I don't resolve the issue with some company I have been unable to find with the Better Buisness Bureau. He refuses to leave a call back number with anyone. I'm expecting a call from him today and I'm contacting my local law enforcement.:D

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I received a call today from a "restricted" number the guy said his name was Dan Miller and he was a process server he was just "faxed" a summons to serve me within 48 hours at my home or employer. I needed to call 713-970-4482 before my time is up "I have been served" The devil is a lie. There was a loy of noise in the back ground so i knew it wasnt real I wish these people would get a real life.

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