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About a month ago I got a call on my cell phone from someone representing PRG regarding a debt from March of 2004 with a Check n Go in Harrisonburg,VA. I immediately told the person on the phone that I have never lived in Harrisonburg,VA or anywhere within an hour of the town, or have ever used a PDA company, and that if the debt is valid I would like them to send me something in writing. The guy on the phone then proceeded to start asking questions like who my employer was, what was my ss#, and etc. I didn't answer any of the questions. Then I realized they were calling me on my cell phone number which happens to be registered under my wife's maiden name, to which I asked how they got the number, and he wouldn't answer the question. After asking once again for them to sent me a letter proving the debt was valid he hung up.

Fast forward a week, they call again and tell me that if I don't settle the debt immediately that Check n Go will pursue legal action against me unless I pay the amount owed. I kindly asked how much the debt was for seeing as how in the first call they we're interested in asking questions that didn't pertain to the debt at all. He said it was for $367 and some change. I then asked if this debt is from 2004, and its 2010 why is this the first I am ever hearing of it if it is real, he then proceeded to give me some BS story about how they have been trying and trying to contact me. Which is another load of BS. After asking for another Debt Validation Letter he refused but said he could put me on the phone with the company and they could verify the debt, I laughed and told him I am aware of how companies like the one he represents love to pull a bait and switch, and actually get someone in their own department or something of the likes to pose as a employee of the company that I supposedly owe money too. His reply was that if I didn't want to do that, then I could settle right now over the phone for $190, I then hung up.

Fast forward to today. I get a call again from them claiming that I owe them money, and if I didn't pay that they would take me to court and make sure my *** pays up, and that they will make an example of a dead beat that won't pay up on a $367 debt, and that I needed to stop being cheap. I then asked for their address to send a C&D letter to which the lady responded by hanging up on me. I called back three more times, getting hung up on again twice before being cussed at by the employees before someone finally gave me a address that I'm not sure is even valid.

I know this is a long post, but I figure if I can get all of the information out up front then it should hopefully be easy for someone to advise what is the best course of action to pursue against these people because I am sure how they talked to me on the phone is beyond what they are allowed to do, and if someone has a known real address for these people. Thanks in advance.

I couldn't find anything under 'PRG'. Post the number they called you wish and the number you called and I will see what I can find. Other then that, don't talk to them. Tell them you are waiting for a letter in the mail and hang up. Keep hanging up on them. They are full of it.

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goldenbast goldenbast
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They call under a blocked number every time they call. I forgot to mention they have said once that their name was Premier Recovery Group, but usually they have only represented themselves as PRG. The number they leave for me to call is 866-364-6516.

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Ok found this addy:

PO Box 262
Buffalo , NY 14209

Next time they call tell them they have 5 days to send you a dunning letter. Also tell them you found their address and will be sending them a debt validation letter and that from this point on you will not be talking to them on the phone.

If they keep calling, keep hanging up.

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goldenbast goldenbast
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Well, they just called and left a message this morning stating that they're going to be filing civil charges against me and forwarding something to my place of employment, too bad I don't have a place of employment as I am a medically retired service member.

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That is a scare tactic. Send a DV letter.

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goldenbast goldenbast
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It went out as of yesterday. I even had my friend who is a notary of public sign off and notarize it for me.

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I actaully have had several of these calls as well. The first time it freacked me out and i set up a date and time for them to take it out of my account. They tried me again about two months later. Each time pretending to be an Investigator or some type of person of the law. They even go as far to tell you to have your attorney call within the next 24-48 hours before sending it to the courts. I have never received anything in writing and a receipt for the amount they took out the first time. Thanks for the great advice.

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I am getting calls from a lady that says she is with PRG and that a complaint has been filed against me and my SSN, even giving me the last 4 digits. She says it streams from a bounced check that I issued. Sorry for her but I don't even have a checking account. She too says my lawyer or myself has 48 hours to contact them. The # she gave me to call back was 877-799-9234 or 716-247-5101.

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illegal asswipes... tell them to fall in a hole.

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