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Has anyone ever heard of these folks? I got a dunning letter from them today, for a credit card debt that I've never had.... Universal Card Services. I've never heard of them, either.

I've been able to find very little about them, on the web...other than the BBB has given them a grade of a big fat F! LOL!

The return address is a PO box# in Michigan, yet all correspondence is to be sent to Account Resolution Associates in Chatsworth, Ca.

My attorney will enjoy this one, I do 'bleve. ;)

I haven't checked any of my credit reports, yet...to see if they've been snoopin' on 'em. All in due time.

same here. i found these info on the bbb site
9301 Winnetka Avenue Suite B
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Tel: (818) 534-3100
Fax: (661) 705-3637

This company's business is providing collection services with 2 complaints in the last 36 months

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Follow the DV process. See what that kicks up.

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I started this company with good intentions, then I left when a greedy attorney got involved and refused to follow SOL statuses and / or to settle at reasonable amounts. This is the guy.

http://memb ers.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Member/Detail/168569

Robert Engilman, he is the greediest of the greedy, after I left he fired pretty much everybody and replaced them with low wage colelction agency-types. We were first a law firm but he converted it to a JDB mill.

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The people at this company are just down right nasty and not really honest about the amount of money you actually owe. They will refuse to validate anything and make claims without proof. They will not accept any form of payment that is below $200 a month or settle for anything less then 75% of that inflated amount. If you can not afford the payments they will make you ask a family member to help you and if you can not do that they will file a lawsuit. Basically this is your punishment for actually answering the phone to try to work with them on setting up a payment plan. Even if you give them your current address, they drop the summons off in some random location and never even attempt to serve you in person. If you report them to the BBB, they will respond by basically calling you a lowlife that won't take liability for a debt and won't address any of your complaints. They will act like your friend up until you refuse to make any payments and then they will get really nasty. You would think they would get more people to pay off their debts if they were honest, sent proof of the debt and tried to work with you if you could not make those payments. Most people want to pay off their debts as they have gone through hard times and have it looming over them, but do they want to pay it back to the point where they have to struggle to make ends meet or ask their family members to help them? Especially when the amount is nowhere near familiar and they won't prove the amount or that they actually own the debt? No...I think not.

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