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I have been sent a letter from penta group stating I owe a large sum of money. A few years ago I had gotten ill and lost my job. No doubt you know the tale....this cc used, then that cc used.....just dug a huge hole for myself. I did my best to wrok with the original debtor, however they so harassed me always wanting more. Now...going through my credit file and doing my best to get out of this mess. In the mean while, being contacted by penta group. While I do owe the money.....I do not owe that much money so I sent (certified mail with return sig.) a letter of validation. Mean while I have all of these strange calls, as have my neighbors and family members. Making note of them....I happen to not speak with these people for I will end up getting stressed and ill again. I just want to pay these people and be done with this chapter. They do not make it easy do they?
So, drafted another letter informing them they cannot contact me....neighbors and family. How do I get them to lower the amount. I am not looking to make payments and they do ot seem to like this so are not budging on lowering the amount. As mentioned, I owe the money and trying to pay all those I owe money to but would like them to settle. How do i get them to settle? Thank You for any info.

i would start keeping track of all calls,whether to you or family
members and/or friends.did you send your validation letter
certified mail return receipt.if you did and you have the green
receipt,every call,every email,everything until they properly
validate is an fdcpa violation.

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What state do you live in? What is the date of first delinquency on the account(s)? More info will allow us to give you solid answer.

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Thanks for the quick response paulmergel.
I just sent the certified letter out last Thursday.
Yes, I am keeping track of the calls....many of which are not listed anywhere and are after nine at night. One number is 659-749-3319....pentagroup will call before 9 at night (caller ID identifies the caller and number), then several times after the other number has appeared (up to 11 pm). They do not call daily, however the days they call so too does that number appear.

I never answer and speak with these people. My problem is really how do I get them to lower the amount owed, as mentioned....while I own the debt it would seem it has almost tripled in the amount. I am willing to pay them out right....however I need them to lower it.

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I am in GA and it has been about three years since the first delinquency.

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OK. SOL on CC's is 6 years in GA so that will definately factor in to how you handle this. If you're DV was timely, it should stop collection efforts until validation i provided. Is Pentagroup reporting on your CR's?

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As of yet I have not noticed their name on any of the CR's...the original creditor is still listed but the account is closed.
They sent a letter stating I had 30 days.....I responded in a very timely fashion (the day I received it).

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I owe several debts and since pulling my CR I have had a non stop head ache trying to work with these several CA's to resolve my debt issues. They are not making it company LVNV (or something) turned my case over to a lawyer....I was the one that contacted them....however did not send the letter certified...they state they did not get it. Nor did I get anything from them, although they state they sent it....sigh....any way I was served papers and had to get legal was settled. Will it come ti this each and everytime.....I mean seems across the board these people are just wanting to take full advantage.

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LVNV is a junk debt buyer and the scummiest on earth. With several years before SOL expires you are very vulnerable at this point. DV every dunning letter immediately. If possible try and work things out with the original creditor(may be too late for that but worth a try).

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No...acct closed with the original creditor. I am not looking to stall paying these people....I am just wanting to pay all I owe. I have a certain amount of money to do it....the amounts on all are not the original debts....such high interest rates they have added....I cannot afford to pay them if they do not lower the amounts....then I am in the very same position. I am working part time now and cannot afford a payment plan....only have a certain amount of money to pay these people off. Can anyone advise how to best way to talk them into lowering the amount owed. Or....what your telling me is due to the age of the accounts I am stuck.....any more time goes by they will still add a very high interest and I cannot afford that either.

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Oh well....I guess I am just stuck. Not sure how the lawyer got the other CA to lower the amount for they are not doing it for me and I cannot afford a lawyer to help me lower the amounts on the five CA that I currently owe.

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