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My significant other received a voice mail intended for me...from a Dennis Boyd, stating that he was notifying me that I have 2 pending lawsuits he was going to serve me with. But if I called 888- 227-2017...the plaintiff, I could avoid being served with a summons. This number is for "Landmark", which I am not familiar with. The original phone number the call came from is 720 708 1000 which I have found is a number being used for a lot of fraudulent calls. Is anyone familiar with Landmark or the 720 phone number? Also, I didn't think it was legal to leave a msg like that on a 3rd party phone....but I could be mistaken. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Send Landmark a debt validation request and wait for them to respond with the appropriate documents. If they fail to do so in 30 days after receiving the mail, send them a cease and desist letter and ask them to go pound sand.

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I just received a message from these people stating I have two pending charges to contact this number 888.468.1101. To give a plaintiff number 1972-02. This sound really fishy because when legal charges is being filed no one calls your home or work place. Your notified via mail or in person by the law. I called this number back and the set up of the phone service wasn't even professional. Its a scam!!! Do not give ANY personal information. Take all the debt information or pending charges info and advise this will be forwarded to my attorney.

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They r doing the same thing to me calling my job even telling the owner they were sending a policeman to arrest me they r even pretending to be the police station I even called the police station back and they say they didnt call n wouldnt be unprofessional like that they would have to speak directly to me and when I call the number back the guy answered hello and I ask if he called me n he said no and hung up in my face scam

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was it the same number. How do we stop these ppl?

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