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Does anyone hear have any dealings with Nuvell Financial? I have a car loan with them and I though I am not 30 days late they call me atleast 10 times a day from 5 or 6 different phone numbers and NEVER leave a message. I know it is them because I call the number back and it answers Nuvell Financial... I have had a poor payment history with them, but I do pay... just not as fast as they would like..

any advice about them would be greatly appreciated.


I think that you should never default on your car loans because if you default on car loans, the creditor can repossess your car and sell it off to recover the entire debt. Always try to pay mortgage payments and auto loans within the due date.

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I have my van financed thru Nuvell. They have a 14 day grace period but the calls normally start around day 6. I have never gone past 10 days late and they have never reported anything derogatory on my CR's. They have been very understanding when I have talked to them and I have been able to defer several payments but the key is to keep an open line of communication with them. Let them know your situation and keep them in the loop.

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