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Yesterday, I negotiated with a collections agency and got them to agree to delete two negative tradelines. They emailed me a copy of the delete request which they were sending to the bureaus.

My question is two-fold:

1) How long should it take for my reports to reflect these deletions?


2) How long should it take for my scores to change in a positive way?


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It may take 30-45 days to reflect the deletions. Check your credit report every month to find out whether or not the items have been removed from your credit report. Your score will not increase immediately. If you can keep on adding positive information on your credit report, then your score will increase gradually.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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I am not sure exactly what you negotiated, but if it was with a debt collector, they can only agree to deletion of their own credit reporting.
They cannot commit to deletion of anything reported by another party, such as the creditor. The underlying trade line upon which the collection was based cannot be deleted by a debt collector.
What did you mean by deletion of "the trade line?"

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Lian Lian

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By "deletion of trade line", I meant that the CA agreed to delete their trade line, their entry on my reports. I know that a CA can't delete an OC's trade line.

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kevinrhaggerty kevinrhaggerty

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