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Ok so today we get a letter from NCO stating our JC PEnny account has been turned over to them and it talks about the 30 days to validate the debt...T & C did send JCpenny a pmt and proposal, but I'm guessing us getting this notice, means it was to late? Also what do I do about this 30 days to validate thing?

Applied bank who also was sent a pmt and proposal (accepted the pmt I might add), sent us a letter stating the account does not qualify for dmp do to the fact it has not been open for 9 months..Sept will make 9 months. The letter says once opened for 9 months then they will take the DMP, is that weird or what? I've got news for them, they are going to have to take it for august too!! Reny

Validating the debt will stall the collection process as long as you want to. It is not complicated and if done correctly and NCO cannot come up with the information requested the claim to collect the debt has to be stopped or you can sue them in small claims court. Do a google search for validating debt and you will be able to see the process.

Applied Bank is right, you must wait for the account to AGE!

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Reny don't wait on the validation process. Make sure you send them a validation letter within the 30 day window. If you need a good template, we can provide you with one. Also, make sure you send it certified return receipt. I have to respectfully disagree with pemperandgartle, it isn't about stalling the CA, it's about protecting yourself to make sure they either rightfully own the debt, or they are legally able to collect for the OC. :)

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