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I received a voicemail threatening me with being served with a summons if I did not return the phone call. The agency is an outfit called SKW capital who apparently received the debt from NCA. Needless to say, I did call back and speak with them. I informed them that I had recently made a payment online to NCA towards a settlement on an old payday loan $200). I was told that was too late and I needed to make immediate arrangements with them or I would have to appear in court and pay a $2600.00 fine for writing a bad check. Have I just been fleeced or can I sent them a DV letter and C&D? Thanks!

well since neither SKW,or NCA are licensed/legal do not pay this scum another dime.btw NCA just pocketed your 200.00 and sold to not make the same mistake is what you do.

1)file a police report for the message as SKW broke the law not only with the message,but with there threat and demands.
2)file AG,AND FTC complaints against both NCA and SKW.

above all else never pay a voice over the phone especially one that needs to threaten illegaly to get money.illegal bottomfeeders use scare tactics because they have nothing not even think about paying SKW.btw do you have addresses for either bottomfeeder?i doubt it,because if they had a real address they wouldn't resort to illegal threats.last thing NCA and SKW buy defaulted online illegal loans so chances are you didn't even owe the 200.00 you gave NCA.follow my steps above and ignore SKW'S sorry a$$.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks. For the record, I only gave NCA $50.00, not $200. SKW refused to provide me with either an address or fax number, stating that for security purposes he couldn't give it to me. I found the address and a fax # for one of their other "collectors" at the same address and used that for a C&D.

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patrick.m.hall patrick.m.hall

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that's good to hear.just don't give anybody who calls and threatens anything but a hang up.then file complaints against them.if they won't give an address they get nothing.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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after 4 months another one of these jokers surfaced. Same message only this time they called my father as well and told him I owed them $$ and they wanted to serve me with a summons. When I explained that it was a scam call to my father he said he could easily see why people fall for it. This time they were from 'United'. A search on 888-321-4888 shows a laundry list of complaints about scam concern is they are calling my relatives. What can I do now?

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patrick.m.hall patrick.m.hall

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