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Has anyone had this company call their place of employment and actually speak or leave a message for the HR person? This lady called me at work today, the receptionist told her I was away from my desk, then she asked for our HR department. Are they allowed to call and threaten to garnish wages? She also told our receptionist that she was calling regarding a legal matter that I owed them money. Isn't that illegal? They have me all frazzled.

NCO is terrible...They are scumbags...No, they cant discuss your debt with anyone but you. (I think)....They need to show proof of the debt. As far as wage garnishes they need to have a court order to do that. It's a scare tactic.

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Tweety71 Tweety71

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I went into her voicemail and the girl, LEE DUTTON, said that she need to get information on one of her employees by the name of XXX XXXX. She left her phone number and an extension. Our HR girl won't be back until Monday. Does she have ot call back or what should I tell her to do? This is quite embarrassing.

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Is it NCO or NCA? I am so tempted to call her and tell her what she did was totally illegal by giving my private information to another person.

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Bayley5 Bayley5

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They called me again today at work. This time the lady was so nice to me. I had to take the call because I answered the phone. Anyhow, she actually sympathized with me and told me stuff I alreay knew about these PDL places. I then told her that I retained a law office to help me with my situation. She told me she understood. Then I told her that a person by the name of Lee Dutton called my work yesterday and gave out some personal information to our receptionist. That's a No-No. She apologized for that and transferred me to a supervisor who apologized and said he would talk to that employee. I told him that I faxed a letter last night about not calling me at work. I don't think he expected me to know my rights. They also removed my work number from their system. Thanks to this website, I know my rights. :lol:

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Bayley5 Bayley5

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