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MRC Receivables Corp brought judgment against me. What to do?

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I had been served a Court Ordered Judgment back in Dec. 05 MRC Receivables Corp., the current owner of my acct. They'd obtained a lawyer to get their monies. In accordance with the court ordered judgment I was to pay $739.39 to the law ofc. In May of 06, my payments were completed, yet the lawyers were still trying to force me to pay an additional amount, separate from the court ordered judgment in which I'd fully complied. I had to request a Motion from the Justice Court in that Precinct to "Deem Judgment Satisfied." I had spoken to the court clerk assigned to my case and she'd stated that it was illegal and I should file the Motion. I'd sent the Motion certified mail to both the Courts and the Law ofc. representing MRC. To no prevail neither MCM, Inc. legal dept. nor the hired law ofc. will return any of my calls, I forgot to mention the Courts ruled the "Motion to Deem Judgment Satisfied", in my favor. No response at all from the lawyers representing MRC. Can anyone help me to update my credit report and also, to help others who may be in this difficult situation.

All you have to do is to send the copies of the legal documents to the credit bureau reporting this account. Draft a letter explaining the court order ruled in your favor. This is basically a dispute letter you are sending to the credit bureau because the law office and the current creditor have not updated your file.

Send the letters through certified mail and the CRA will run an investigation with the companies. You will see the effects in your file within 30 days.

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ricjil ricjil

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My husband and i just found out that he is being sued by mrc receivables corp. For an undisclosed $ amount and also it hasn't been mentioned for what. I was searching for the company on the internet as i had never heard of them and found several sites saying that this was a scam / fraudulent collection agency.
Does anyone know if this is true. Please email email address removed as per forum rules - Mike
please & thank you

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My fiance got a letter from this company also with no
Inforamtion as to which company it is representning or when it occurred

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I received a letter from the IRS today stating I owe them $701.00 for an account that was paid to MRC. Has anyone else had this problem. I then attempted to contact MRC and the rep I spoke with told me he could not discuss my account and hung up on me. I was puzzled as to why he could not discuss this since I paid the account in full. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Since when does the IRS pay bills, that is a new one for me. If the collection agency is not taking your calls I would report the situation to your attorney generals office they will contact them and get some answers for you. I filed a complaint and got a response with in 5 business days in the mail. Maybe your AG would be your best starting point, they won't hang up on them.

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fedupinpa fedupinpa

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I just receive a letter from trans union sayig i have a civil judgement and the plaintiff is MRC RECEIVABLE CORP for about 5000 and the judgement was filed in 2006. I had no clue about this judgemtnt and this comp. Please reply me!

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Riadd, you need to go to the clerk of the court and find out where and when the judgement was filed. You then need to find out how you were supposedly served. If you weren't properly served, you can then ask to have the judgement overturned. Someone else will be along that can advise you much better than myself, so hang in there.

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Which court clark should i go to, since there was no court name or address, My report only has document #.

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The judgement should have been issued in the county in which you were living at that time, that is the clerks office that you need to check with.

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I have also received a judgement against them, which is unjustified. I do believe the company might be some type of scam. I am going to my lawyer and ask him write a letter on my behalf to submit to credit agencies

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