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I just received an very threating call from this supposedly legal firm, stating I own 1253.49 to CNG Enterprises and because I didn't reply to the letter that was sent to an address that I hadn't lived at in over 5 yrs. Compliance Officer Anthony Battelli stated, I would be convicted of a Class 1 Felony and that I had until 3pm EST to make the payment or the papers would be filed in court. He was yelling at me and then he hung up on me, when I called the number back he said it was too late that I was going to be visited by the sheriff's department or I would be running and hiding for the remainder of my life, when I tried to get information from him, he became irrate and threatening and hung up again. I called back to get more information and then he said that he was going to have the attorney file harrassment charges on top of the Class 1 felony and hung up. I did a reverse phone number look up and the number 716-244-6554, isn't even that of a business nor is it in the city of NY, as he claims. I called the law firm that comes up when googled and they have received several other calls regarding this company and individual, and stated they don't know this person nor is the company affiliated with the law firm.

What type of company is this really..sounds like a bad collection company or scammers??

this is a scammer of the first magnitude.report him to your local police who will confirm this is a tard and a scammer.then never speak to him again.report him and ignore his sory a$$.a waste of your time to talk to him further.nothing he said had a grain of truth to it.

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My sister called me today to let me know that I recieved a call from a "victor price", from this Morgan Lewis & associates Law Firm. I was told that I was being charged with a criminal suit, and to call 716-244-6551. They used my old last name that I hadn't had for over 5 years now, and I think this is a scam. How they got my sister number is so wired.

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I just filed a complaint against them with the ftc they can not do this per the fair debt collection act

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I just got my second call from Mr. Hunter who now goes by Sam Hawkins today, my families 4th call overall.

he called my house a month ago saying he was Mr. Hunter and that he was looking for my uncle and that he was looking for a federal warrant. I called the number back and it was some girl that lived about 40 miles down the road who had never heard of this man.

I decided to google Morgan Lewis and associates and didnt see his name on their directory.

he called back today with an attitude,calling my mother a liar, so I asked him some questions about my uncle and of course the information was wrong. he hung up, and i googled This site, called the number and sure enough it was him. I aksed him more questions that he couldnt answer. He then began to call me a moron and everything else in the book. I told him i was going to call the police department, he said "well maybe i should call them and tell them to come ask you some questions", i said fine, how about i just put us on 3 way, he continued to call me names for about 10 more seconds until he hung up.

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I recieved a phone call this morning from a morgan lewis associates. They stated i wrote a bad check in 2008 i told them ive never wrote a bad check in my life they stated my social securtity number. I ask how they got my ss# they wouldnt give me any info. They told me that im facing 1 to 5 years in prison and i will be pick up today and they hung up. Who are these people and how did they get my ss# and cell number.

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What phone number are they calling from??? You probably call your local police department and report them.

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This happened to me as well. The same number contacted me and was telling me that I owe CNG enterprises. The guy was kinda rude, he was like we sent a notice to an address that I have not lived at in like 3 years. They threatened to throw me in jail. I was furious. :(

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They said that I wrote a bad check for like $500 and I was like I do not even write checks and I do not own any. Man I was totally suckered in.

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