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Okay, I know I can't make my minimum payment to Amex this month so basically will be defaulting and waiting for collections. I hope collections will work with me on a payment plan. My question is: should I keep sending Amex something each month even though it won't be the whole payment they want? Would that "look" better? I figured it would at least look like I'm not blowing them off completely.

Also, once an account is in collections, do the late fees/overlimit fees stop?

Have you called AMEX to explain the situation yet? If not, do so and keep them in the loop. Tell them waht you can pay and when, just don't make promises you can't keep. I'd call them at least once a month just to keep the lines of communication open. They will be much more willing to work with you if you do this.

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thanks nascardevil. I have called and spoken with Amex but it was primarily to see if they would work with me. I will call back as you suggested. should I just speak with customer service? Do you think if I do, they won't harrass me with phone calls about late payments? I thought also that I would get the mailing address and send something via mail as well.

The account will still end up in default though won't it? But I guess if I have been attempting to pay something they may be nicer about it. Maybe??

Thanks. I can't believe I'm thinking of doing this but I'm not sure I trust any third party company after reading everything I have on this site.

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It may not stop them from calling you since that will likely be out of the control of the customer service dept but as long as whomever you speak with is getting the notes into the system, anyone who calls you will have access to them. It's never good to be in this situation but by being pro-active and dealing with things well in advance, it shows responsibility on your part which can go a long way with creditors. Good Luck!

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