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I guess when it rains it pours. I received today a letter from Mapother and Mapother,P.S.C. who states they are representing Midland Funding. This is dated April 24, 2008 and I received it TODAY in the mail. I have my debt validation letter ready to go in tomorrows mail via certified return receipt. My question is this : In this letter they state that no attorney has "personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account" and if I dispute the validity that I have 30 days to do so. By my calculations, AFTER tomorrow the 30 days are up. Am I I correct in my understanding? Is there anything else that I should send them? I am using the template provided, the one with the new and improved grammer and spelling. Thanks in advance.


Thank you for your help, I COULD NOT have won without your guide! I've read great things about your website online. Continue doing what you do. You are really making a difference in people's situations like my own.

-Sara, CA

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I just wanted to let you know that I went to court today for my case, and they Dismissed it!! Everything you said in your book was right! Thank you so much for all your help!

[FONT=Garamond]- -Ashley, IL

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[COLOR=black]I was served papers in Tennessee to go to court for a $6000 debt Midland Funding LLC said I owed. I didn't remember a debt like this. I thought for sure I was going to have to hire an attorney. At first I was very nervous about going to court, so my husband began researching this type of case and found your website. We were hesitant to purchase the guide, but decided it was a small investment compared to the amount Midland Funding was trying to collect. Once we started reading the guide, it became very clear you know what you???re talking about![/COLOR][COLOR=black]The guide not only walked us through the steps needed in order to win, but kept us in a positive state of mind throughout the process. You really understand what it???s like to go through a case like this. We went into the courtroom this morning and the judge said my case was dismissed. The attorney gave up and filed for the dismissal before the trial. What a feeling![/COLOR][COLOR=black]I want to extend my sincere thanks for making it easy for those of us that can???t afford an attorney, and don???t know about legal procedures. You???re an inspiration![/COLOR]

- [COLOR=black]-Renee, TN[/COLOR][FONT=&quot][/FONT]

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In the mail yesterday, I received a notification from the law firm that was suing me that they dismissed my case! Woohoo! I would NEVER have gotten a dismissal without your guide. Thank you so much for giving me the power to fight and win!!!


- -Noelle, OH

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Erie County PA? PA does not allow wage garnishment

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i received a letter today saying if i don't start sending 302.00 for each weekly pay period to the erie county sheriffs office then my wages will be garnished is this legit if so what can i do to stop it

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do you owe the money? Are you aware of the debt?

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I recieved a letter today from an attorney's office stating that I am being sued for a specific amount by Midland Funding LLC. in our local court. Who are they and is this a scam? And another question, "this attorney wants me to contact them about Chapter 13 and 7. Should I contact them?

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you can find out if midland has filed a wage garnisment, you need to check with your local court house. If they filed it will be under civil matter. My wife was looking for a ticket and found miland had filed a garnishment. It is public information, and by law you have acces to it. do not ignore if they win they will garnishment.

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thanks for the advice...after reading some of the entries under lawsuits from creditors, I am wondering if I should ask for credit validation, being that on the documentation attached to summons labeled as FORM 400 names an employee of midland LLC guess this is verification but just says obtained all rights, title and interest from their predessor FNANB, but that was original , they were bought out by fleet and Emerge was the the final company I was dealing with of which I never signed anything with either company. would that cause a loop whole in a collection agencies ability to sue me since they cant produce signature and agreement for the two companys that proceeded FNANB for this account. They listed the CC# that was provided by EMERGE when they bought out Fleet but stated they are collecting this on the defendants First north American National bank account. There is not one statement they can provide that shows FNANB with this card number referenced. does this mean they messed up or by law do they only have to provide the original creditors contract.And if I remember correctly I applied for the original card over the phone after receiving a offer in the mail that said I could return application or apply over the phone. Does this make there lawsuit invalid as the burden of validating the charges lies on the creditor.

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