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Has anyone successfully stopped Midland Credit?

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Again, when I disputed their report, they listed a new one on my report. This is getting ridiculous. I had two accounts (credit cards) 10 years ago that went to Midland sometime after that. For two credit cards I have 12 listings with Midland Credit on my credit report. They have not contacted me since 2002 and yet list the date as being opened in 2007 (for the same account listed two spots higher as being opened in 2005). I disputed last month and now they just put a new one on. How do I get them to stop? I have sent DV letters for every listing and never had a response but I do have the proof they received the letters. Any ideas?

Sounds like violations of the FCRA.

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I agree that it definitely sounds like violations. It might be time to hire an attorney.

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alias1958 alias1958

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I have the same problem. The account was opened in 2001, they list it as open in 2007, then one says collections, the other says factoring, I don't know what that means or how to fix it

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I would love to hear a success story on this one. There a beast to get proper verification on debts they say they owe.

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CplusE2ent CplusE2ent

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Midland Credit has come up as a notorious CA. You can get a fair idea about stopping them in the page: -

midland credit management - Various Collection Malpractices and the Ways to Stop them

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phoenix phoenix
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