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i have been on disability for panic attacks since99. i have a lot of medical bills in collection. My meds have gone up to 300dollars.they are threating to take money out of my account.can they do this?

i have been on disability for panic attacks since 99.i have a lot of medical bill sent to meds have gone up to 300 dollars.they are threatening to take money out of my account. can they do this?

No they can`t. Nor can they garnish your disability check either.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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If the CA takes you to court and is granted a judgement by default or otherwise, thay can and will place a freeze on your account, until you prove that the money in the account is from SSA, SSI, etc. Some CA's will try to take money from your account without the courts permission. If the CA has your banking information, I would suggest opening another account at some other bank.

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not that they must first file a lien on your account and can only do that if they obtain a judgement. so a few questions 1) have you been sued? what have you received in writing from them?

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