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Updated address for Midland Credit Management Inc

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I got in the mail wednesday a "settlement opportunity" from MCM today. The offer is 581.76 mind you last weeks was 431.78. Anyway I have an updated mailing address in anyone needs it...

midland credit management, Inc
Department 8870
Los Angeles, CA 90084-8870

Phone number- 1-800-282-2644
Fax number-1-800-306-4443

It's not the ADA, its the FDCPA that doesn't allow that behavior. Before dealing with any collection agency read the FDCPA to find what the law states. Also remember the CFPB just started.

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Originally Posted byCplusE2ent
To funny,
I have sent them 2 DV letters and i have received 2 settlement opportunity letters from them. They will not send a proof info to say the account is mine. Also they are all over my credit report for the same bill. I guess i have one more DV letter to send. Then i will have to read more to see what to do next. But i would not make payment arrangements with them until they can prove in writing what you owe and why you owe that much. There just trying to get your money.

The Credit Companies need to be trained regarding tactics. This company called after 9:00 p.m. , When given my telephone number they continued to call other numbers, not the number given. When asked about the debt, they would not comply, but asked me to give them my social security number, which I did not do. I asked them to send me a copy of the debt. The company the debt was acquired, I was not familiar with it. They ask and give out information regarding the, said debtor to others--violation of privacy--but wont give out information regarding the debt.

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A friend of mine received a phone call from MCM yesterday. He was told about my debt, given the last 4 of my social, birthday, amount owed, when the account was opened and how long it had been delenquent. Is this legal? I just happened to be with this friend when he got the call. I was furious. How can they do this? It's not only humiliating and embarrassing, its BS!!! What do you do? I had an old Household Finance bill that became delinquent. Went through a divorce in early 2000 and tried to keep up with all the bills, was not able to make payments after 2006. Went through some health problems and lost both parents. Now I receive letters and phone calls all the time. They call day in and day out. How do I get them to stop? And furthermore, do I have any recourse about them leaking my personal information to someone I am not related to? They are hateful when you talk to them. I told them I would only be able to pay them $10/month as I have no income at this time. They told me it was unexceptable

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My advice to everyone on this board is to start reporting these calls to the FTC under credit harrasment. htt ps://

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Originally Posted byAnonymous
I just got a call from this company today, never heard of them before and when I ask them to please send me a letter to proof the debt and who they are, the guy tells me that he will, after I make a payment of good faith.

you tell him to piss up a pay nothing without at least a dunnung letter.this is a bottomfeeding JBD collector who routinely violates the FDCPA.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I just got a call from this company today, never heard of them before and when I ask them to please send me a letter to proof the debt and who they are, the guy tells me that he will, after I make a payment of good faith.

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To everyone that gets a letter from them you need to send a cease and desist letter certified to their street addrees in order to have them stop call you. That we you have a signed reciept that they did recieve it.

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I had an account charge off that ended with MCM> Stupid me, I paid in 2004..Now mcm has a different deletion date than original creditor. and 2 years after account was paid, they did a account review inquiry. Is this legal? Any help to make these a**ho**es report this stuff accurately would be greatly appreciated..thanks

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When was the first time you received a letter from them? If it has been more than 30 days then your options at this point are limited. You could send a debt validation letter to them but they do not have to stop collection activity including litigation when they get it.

At this point I suggest waiting it out and see what happens. It will do no good to pay it if you don't know what it's for. They will either sell it off to another company which will be great cause then you get another 30 days to dispute with the new company this time don't ignore.

The other thing they can do is file a lawsuit. Either they will just hire an attorney to sue you or the attorney will send you a dunning letter, that which you have yet a 30 day dispute window.

That's about the best I can tell you right now, Try to think really hard what this could be for. Is there any chance that it's really old, like more than 7 years? If so the SOL has expired, and also the Original creditor would probably not be on your credit report anymore. If the debt is time barred they cannot sue you, if they do you can have the case dismissed with prejudice and at the same time file a counter-claim against them for taking action that cannot legally be taken(FDCPA)

Hope this helps.

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pokertramp pokertramp

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