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Are these people a scam?

From what I have read, they are a scam. Have you talked to them??

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I have called them back and repeatedly asked for proof of whatever debt they claim they are going to show up at my house to summons me for, they have yet to respond in a legal manner and provide me any documentation of said debt or its validity. That is breaking the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act because they do not provide validation of the debt they threaten you with. They claim they can not provide that but yet wont' tell me who to go to to get it. So if they wish to summons me by showing up at my home and or office then feel free because I will have the sheriff there when they do.

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I got scammed last year- never thought it would happen to me. But there are good people out there. I'm working with DS and glad it's working out. theyre here.. 877 3226810

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