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I have authorized Margolis, Pritzer, Epstein & Blatt to take $250 out of my account twice a month for a recent debt to Provident Bank - after seeing negative things about them, is that advisable?

Cathy Javaid

i wouldn't have given bank info no matter who it is,they could
take the payment some other pay online,or a physical address.i would see about reversing that if you could.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Great advice Paul, NEVER NEVER give out your banking information; these collection agencies and attorneys will either withdraw all your funds or freeze them where you can't withdraw them.

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close that account ASAP! Never pay a debt collector though your checking account, money orders ONLY!

Now, the first payment you miss or are late, they can try and get a default judgement againt you. They do this by sending the summons to appear to an old address and then when you don't show up in court, they win by default and then proceed to freeze your accounts (that you gave them numbers for) and garnish your wages.

Never, never, never! Give collectors any personal info at ALL. They have the burden of proof to tie you to anything they say you owe them. Goole "debt validation" and leard the procedure to get these creeps off your back.

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What's the date of first default on this account? When was the last payment made? How is this reported on your CR's? If you have not pulled your free annual reports:

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