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I've been reading on the BB and I just want to make sure I understand. Statute of Limitations in Texas in 4 years from the date of first delinquency or is it the date major delinquency first reported. I had a providian account that has been "purchased" by these "people". On my equifax report, Providian lists the date reported and date of last payment as 07/2004. It lists the date of first delinquency as 11/2003. So which date do I count from. And if the SOL has run out, am I still supposed to send a validation letter? Thanks for your input!

Statute of Limitation is calculated from the date of last delinquency.

I think you can send them a Cease & Desist letter through certified mail.

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Date First Delinquency reported is the date that the DOFD was reported by the data furnisher (OC, CA or JDB). It is required by the FCRA to be reported to the CRA's w/in 90 days of the tradeline being added to a consumers report. Statute of Limitations in Texas is 4 years from the date of last payment and not the date of first default. If DOLP was 07/04 then SOL would expire sometime this month. Reporting period for the TL would expire 7.5 years from 11/03. It would not be unlike LVNV to try and file just before SOL expires so if you have not already done so, DV LVNV and the CA collecting for them immediately. Monitor your reports and keep checking your county courts website for any filings.

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