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I just refinanced my home and tried to pay an old debt. The money was mailed to LVN Funding in Houston Tx. I am guessing they are no longer in business because I just recieved the check and envelope from my loan funding organization explaining they could not find a forwarding address for them. I don't even remember what the debt is for, but it was a prerequisite for the loan. Now I have a 53.00 check with no where to send it. Any suggestions anyone?

Please check the name of the company again. Is it LVN Funding? If that is o then I haven't heard about it.

But I have definitely heard about LVNV Funding, a collection agency. It is also known as Resurgent Capital Services LP. If this is the company you're looking for then their address is: -
15 South Main Street Suite 600 Greenville, SC 29601

Their phone numbers are: -
(864) 248-5737, (864) 248-8817, (864) 248-8700, (888) 665-0374

Fax no.: - (888) 546-7697

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I received a call at work from a Jim Murphey with L.V. Funding out of Lake Eisinore, California. He claims that he purchased the right to collect an old debt. But researching this company, I can't find anything on this firm. Is this a scam? He threatened to take me to court, claimed he mailed me several letters. I've never heard of them. They faxed me a letter signed by the Director of Operations Pamela Mathews. and they claim that Citybank was the original creditor.

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i had the same problem as jim murphey and i would like to investagate this some more. a person name john roper called my daugher that is married and doesnt even live near me. they called my son that doesnt live near me how are they getting there phone numbers and then they called my job and talk to the manager and asked if it was ok to serve me papers at work and want me to call them a nd letr them know when im going to be home to serve me papaers at home they say it is for and old credit card that i havent had in 5 years. they sent me a paper to sign via the internet an faxit back to them they wanted my bank number and i would give it to them.

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ignore the calls, No one will call to warn you they are going to serve you, it is NOT done that way. Sounds like a scam company and theres alot of them out there. If its LVNV calling or one of their many dummy companies send them a DV letter asap to the address above. Warning LVNV is a bottom feeder, they are trash! Look through this site for a DV letter and tailor it to your situation, if you no the debt is SOL, include that info also. DO NOT ever give them your info or bank info on the phone, if you did close the account ASAP! They will empty your bank accounts quickly! Send a DV letter and ignore all calls

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i received a couple calls..very frantic calls from this company. They first stated they were from the courts. called from a restricted number gave me another number to call to stop the "lawsuit". Making it sound as if a sherriff was on there way to my house to serve me with papers within minutes for a $500 credit card debt that they are now saying i owe $1900. Oh boy did they spook me. Right into giving them a credit card number, then as I thought about it more and more, I canceled it before anything was charged. they sent me a email and i saw the name lv i googled can imagine what i found. well i told them that they are out of their mind. I am not paying them. send an email to a marco mendez to send me things in writing. no phone calls. well of course they did not do that. when i tried to email emails were blocked. ?? funny huh...i have received a call from a michael harris and a frank lucas..they are all full of $hit if you ask me...still they have not sent anything in writing..Last time they called me I went off on them. did not give mr harris much time to say anything. He tried sending me some stupid word document by email...hahahaha that is not gonna work..i told him if your gonna sue me than do it because i have no problem showing the judge that you blocked me from emailing you and refuse to send anything in writing.. still have not heard anything.

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