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Hi Everyone,

I could use some advice. I just sent out a DV letter to Creditors Interchange. They are the second company that LVNV has assigned collection to. The first company stopped contacting me after I requested validation of the debt.

The debt is BoA. The original amount was a little over 5K when they sold it in july 07. Now LVNV wants 7100 and they refuse to tell me how they reached this number.

My plan is to buy some time, save a little money and offer a settlement. Any advice on this idea?

However, I would need about 4-5 months to save some money. They may sue before then - who knows. However, i live in PA so at least they can't garnish my wages. I have no assets for them to take.


As far as I know, LVNV buys old debts in chunk and passes on these debts to another collection agency. By sending debt validation letter to the second CA too, you have done the right thing. I think this second collection agency will also fail to validate your debt as they don't generally possess any information about the debt.

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phoenix phoenix
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In addition to a DV to the CA, also DV LVNV and inform them that passing the account around from CA to CA is considered continued collection efforts. Be careful how you word your DV however and try not to use any "limited C&D" language as LVNV will consider any limitation of contact as a full cease comm. I would simply word it " I am prohibited from receiving personal calls at work" and " All calls to my home are recorded". They have to abide by the no calls at work since it is Federal Law and regardless of if you live in a 1 or 2 party state, you have informed them that you will be recording.

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I didn't know Creditors Exchange was under LVNVs umbrella too! I have dealt with them since Feb. 08, and their many companies.

Every time they send a letter, I DV them. They pass it on to another and I DV them. Mine was a debt started in 1987 and paid on- it's a long story, but I feel I have over paid the bill, thus the continued DV.

With LVNV, you need to keep copies of everything they send you, and that you send. Also, if you do speak with them, keep notes of day, times,etc.

If I am DVing to another of their companies, I also include the first DV letter(copy), along with any phone calls, etc., they have made in the mean time.

Feel free to ask questions, we are here to help you..karen :D

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Thank you for all of the helpful responses.

I think I may have goofed. I told them not to contact me via telephone but that I would respond via USPS promptly. They called my mother who is dealing with a serious health issue and the calls were really beginning to take a toll on me as well. I have arrangements in place with my other creditors that are working out well. This BoA debt is my largest.

I am determined to dig myself out of this hole. I am very grateful I found this site!

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