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Help with legal mediation practice!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I got a call from jim king today from legal mediation practice as if there is anything legal about them, They called my brother my boss, my best friend & my department directors office how they got that number is beyond me. Anyhow I should say I am from ohio I took out a loan with e-payday-loans for 3000.00 back in 12-07 pd 2 finance charges + 50.00 to pay down on it grand total of 230.00. they I now owe 1450.00 for 2 online checks both for different amounts. 1. for 770.00 the 2nd for 680.00. They claim I have untill high noon on sat. 7-26-08 to pay this amount or they will file charges according to my state laws. I told them this is funny since the company they represent hasnt followed the laws of my state with regards to ohio pdl laws. They said my state laws only apply to the bad caheks they claim I wrote n ot the loan I requested. My question is I need to call them today to inform them I will not pay these outrageous fees they are requesting. how should I handel this. Thanks..

Just like you put it here, tell them you're not paying their outrageous fees. I think you worded it pretty good.

I might also ask them to see copies of these alleged bad checks you wrote. I'm willing to guess there aren't any. This is a very tried-and-true scam Il-Ledal Mediation Mal-Practice loves to throw out on their victims.

I would also, however, send them a debt validation letter with a partial cease and desist included in it; tell them you only want them contact you by mail. Not by phone, and most definitely not by phone at work. And this would apply to third parties as well, they need to stop calling them too.

They have already broken several portions of the fdcpa, I'm not going to list them all.

If they don't stop calling you, after they receive this letter, you can sue them for violating the FDCPA. Make sure you send the letter certified mail, return receipt requested.

I would recommend for you to do a search for LMP in the "search" box in the upper right hand corner, and read up all about them and their chicanery. You will also find their address and fax/phone numbers in these threads.

ABOVE ALL! Don't let these idiots intimidate you or cause you any undue stress!

Oh, almost forgot. File complaints with your state's Attorney General's office, the Florida Attorney General's office, and the FTC.

Also, try contacting the company you took out the PDL with and tell them what Il-Legal Mediation Mal-Practice has been pulling and ask them if they were aware of how bad a CA they have collecting on their debts is breaking the law. Tell them you only want to deal with the PDL company and not LMP. See if they can help you out. Of course, that is if you still owe the money.

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