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Help for my mother! Legal Mediation company!!

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This time it's not me, its my 78 yr old mother...and Legal Mediation. What can you tell me about this company?

Long story short(well as short as it can be) , my mom is 78 and not in good mental health, we recently found out she had gotten her self in a bad situation with her money, we even moved her into a senior living apartment and my sister took over her bill paying. During this mess, she had taken out 2 PDLs, (we didn't know about), and of course didn't pay them back.

She has no checking account it was at store fronts that let you borrow without a checking account( I don't understand how that one works), but anyway apparently one of the PDLs has been turned over to Legal Mediation and they called her today and Screamed at her and told her someone was coming to her house by 9pm...I know that's all bull.. But she is older and was scared to death, she was crying so badly when she called my sister that my sister thought someone had died!!! ....I was able to get information from the orginal company about both loans...quess who??? Buckeye Check Cashing, our friends at Checksmart and Express PRA!!! We are trying to work out something with the one the Corp. Office still has but I need to know about this Legal Mediation place, ITS WAR!!! Don't mess with my MAMA!!!

You can find enough information on Legal Mediation Practices from this site. Just search for "Legal Mediation" in the search box above and will get many complaints about this company. You can go through Legal Mediation Practice - saying they will arrest me

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phoenix phoenix
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They had called me 3 different times regarding 3 different loans and they are just reading a script. They are rude and they lie and they need to be out of business. I sent a C&D letter. I haven't heard form them anymore. I think their tactic is to scare you that first time into paying and then they won't call anymore. That has been my experience with them.

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Is there anything in your State AG laws regarding predatory lending in the Senior Community? I know in New York State there is and I would certainly take full advantage of it if it applies to your State as well. Maybe you could call your State authorities and find out. It seems a shame that these people take advantage of everyone across the board. I would challenge this till the cows come home if I were in your situation. Perhaps you should bring it to their attention?

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llw1995 llw1995

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LLW, thanks for that advice, It is awful, they know darn well folks on SS can't afford to pay back these stupid loans!! They should not lend to them...My brother is contacting out AG today, my gosh I keep thinking they seriously could cause someone to have a heart attack with these tactics!

Sub: #4 posted on Fri, 07/11/2008 - 00:21

lmale lmale

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You are right about that! I would think that most AG's would want to know about this predatory lending thing, especially among the older population. Like I said the AG's Office in New York has an entire site dedicated to the problem. If you find any information I would definitely let the lender know that you have been in contact with the AG's office. I have ALWAYS used the Attorney General as my leverage for folks who are, shall we say, less than honest. Good luck in your endeavors and please keep us posted on your progress.

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llw1995 llw1995

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see if there is a NACA attorney in your area, what a sweet case,, little old lady versus the evil collection agency.. how could any judge not nail em to the wall

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jj jj
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