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A little over a year ago, I decided to try offline direct marketing and purchased a license from a particular marketer who then referred me to US Merchant Services to get setup with a credit card processing agreement so that I could take orders over the phone and through faxed requests for merchandise.

In the meantime of calling US Merchants, I received a phone call unsolicited from Lease Finance Group out of Chicago. I live in Anaheim. The lady on the phone must have gotten my name from the county registration of a new business name and she asked me if I had a credit card processing machine yet? I asked her if US Merchants had asked her to call me and she said yes, but in fact I later found out that US Merchant's did not recommend her or tell her to call me.

Long story short, I signed a 4 year lease with LFG after the lady rep told me that I could not purchase the machine, only lease it and the monthly fee would be around $67 a month, if done on a bank draft.

After about a year and without ever having used the credit card processing machine, I canceled the bank draft since I couldn't find any way to reach LFG.

Of course, once I stopped payment, they called me and very rudely reminded me of my lease and the past due payments. By this time, I had gone on line and found out that the machine that they had leased to me currently sells for around $149. If I add up 48 months of payments times $67, that comes out to around $3,200.

I had already paid them around $1,100 when they started calling me asking for the late payments. I offered them a settlement and they refused, reminding me that I had signed a lease.

I told them that I have decided not only not to pay them, but to contact the Illinois Attorney General's Office and file a complaint. They said that they didn't care that I was a senior citizen, they didn't care that I had written the AGO of Illinois, and then rudely hung up on me after yelling at me.

I am waiting to hear from the AGO of Illinois and in the meantime, I feel I should go ahead and file a complaint with the FTC, the Post Office (since they use the mail system), the office of Consumer Affairs in both Illinois and California, and then also write a complaint letter to the California Attorney General's office because LFG has a branch office nearby Anaheim.

Has anyone else had any dealings with Lease Finance Group? Am I leaving out anyone else I could contact about their deceptive trade practices?

Hundreds of others have filed complaints about them on the internet. I am a new member here and am very open to hearing from any of you who could offer me any other advice on how to deal with these despicable people, to put it in a nice way.

They work on the principle of intimidation, which doesn't work with me, and they also went way out of their way to write a very detailed and involved lease to be sure to trap and prey on new business and small business owners who they assume do not know much of anything about credit card processing.

Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing from anybody that can offer any insight on these people in Chicago.


call me or email me .. THere are hundreds of us. We are trying to file a class action....

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Sorry to hear about your woes. Since your disgusting experience with these reptiles, I hope you have gone online to investigate them and, much to your chagrin, probably discovered that there are thousands, maybe tens-of-thousands of victims just like you (I'm one).

There are too many problems in getting justice:

1) Because of the small amount of money involved (usually under $5k) the credit reporting agencies consider it "frivolous" and won't do anything --especially TransUnion, which I suspect is in bed with LFG (they gave me exactly the same response as they did you).

2) The IAG's office has been inundated with complaints about this company. Do they have bigger fish to fry, definitely, or is there a Blogo element here? I don't know.

3) THE BIGGIE: LFG is a subsidiary of CITICORP! The corporation that we --the taxpayers-- just paid $45+ BILLION to bail out! And then they're scamming and ripping us off for a thousand, two thousand, three thousand dollars!

Welcome to "fair" --small-- business in America!

Best of luck in getting the upper hand on these slime balls.

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I am wondering if anyone had any luck with the AG of Illinois. I previously filed a complaint with them and wondered if anyone has been helped.

Sub: #3 posted on Tue, 08/04/2009 - 03:50


You are stupid!! Get your "facts" straight. They are not a subsidiary of CITICORP!! That's like me saying your related to Charles Manson.

Do some real research on the company and you will see who owns them. Continue to call them and get an attourney to apply pressure on them and you can get out of the lease.

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contact monica prandi in her office....and they will do something about it..

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I entered into a lease agreement with LFG and did not know it. I suppose to have a warranty and they have no clue as to who the hell i send it to for repairs. I received several different numbers and no one has a freaking lue. The slim ball sales agent (who conveniently LFG does not know...does not work with them is a bigger slim ball). I want in!! i will be happy to sign a petition, contact states attorney'S offices to help put these SOB's out of their misery. This is one of the reasons we are in such a financial mess.....greedy,lying scum like this!! I have not mentioned all the crap i have been through because i can go on-and-on... Please let me know when to expect the class action suit/what i can do to help the process.....

Thanks for listening,
Pissed off small business owner

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Who is Monica Prandi? I got taken and would like some help.

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LFG has many vulnerable points, in my opinion. One is the different charges that, in addition to the lease amount, they charge their customers. The company, formed in Delaware and registered in Illinois, charges for insurance over the equipment that they state "they did not sale" but only made the money available to the end user. The agreement says it is "non cancellable" by the lessee for any reason and also that if the equipment is damaged or lost the lesse still is bound by the agreement. In other words, why they charge insurance on something that they don't own or care about. Another thing is that they charge sales tax for the State where the lessee has its business. I have not searched other states, but in Florida they are not registered with the Department of State, nor they have a Resale Tax Certificate, both of which are necessary to file and pay taxes in Florida.

In addition, the lease indicates that Lessee has 7 days from the date of signing to return the machine and cancel the lease; but the lease to be effective should be also signed by a LFG officer and this is done -at least in our case- much later than the 7 days. Then we never got copy of the lease until recently, when we wanted to cancel the lease and found that we never got the lease back from them.

Lastly, the person who signed our lease -an illegible signature, by the way- purports to be the President of the company. LFG is a LLC - limited liability company - and it has MEMBERS, not President and the likes. When doing a search on Illinois entities data base, it appears that it has only one member, by the name of Jay Cohen, who is/was also a member of many other similar lease-finance entities.

Doing additional research on other states may give interesting results as to their authorization to do business in such other states and their registration with the respective Department of State and Department of Revenue to collect sales tax.

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I've been trying to call them and cant get in touch with them. I actually paid off the machine over a period of 3 and a half years and I just want a letter stating that I paid the equipment off. I didnt know this was a scam even though the equipment didnt work and the small business I had closed about 2 and a half years ago. Nonetheless lease finance group still made me pay for it and threatened to jack up my credit report if I didnt pay. So now I see all these complaints about this company ripping people off and I'm realizing that I've been ripped off too. If anybody knows anything about a class action suit I can be contacted at**. I would appreciate any information and help in getting my money back.

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Have closed my bank account and will not give them another dime just recieved a call from a Shamal Harmon and he wants me to call him directly for the payoff which is crazy because it has been years now and I feel I have paid the amount owned then he said with a final payment of $225.33 I will be out? after 5 years That is enough.
I will take the advise and call the BBB in IL and in AZ I am still in business and feel I do not need LFG taking any more money.

Sub: #10 posted on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 00:48


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