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Law Office of Richard Clark is calling me up. Should I send a DV?

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Ok, I have an account for GE Money Bank. They sold it to Arrow Collections. Arrow Sold it to Collect America. The letters and phone calls I am getting are coming from The Law Offices of Richard Clark. Doing research on them I came accross the name Law Offices of Samuel W Streeter. I called that number, and the person who answered the phone said "Law Offices of Richard Clark". Not to mention, on my credit report it says I am paying "Collect America". What in the world is going on here?
Right off the bat they threatened to sue if I didnt set up payment arrangements. The total amount due is less than $1000. They are real jerks, and the payment notification letters state they have recieved notification of payment in a certain amount for a day this month. Nothing ever specific. Total Bull. Ive paid them to this point, however my bank account was compromised and all my money was stolen. Therefore this last payment may not clear. What should I do?

Another CACH franchise. Here's some info from Bud Hibbs:

http ://

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Ok, so I guess the payment didnt clear. I tried to put the funds back into my account before it went through but I'm guessing I was too late because nothing has come out of my account, and they called while I was gone tonight and demanded that I call them back today. She left a message at 7:30 saying she would be there til 8. I got home at 9. I called back and left a message and implied that I had done research on their company, and as long as we can talk rationally about my payment they can call me back. I also informed them that I know my rights and I know where they are and are not licensed. I know as soon as they call they will tell me they are suing me. If Hibb's site is correct, that they are only licensed in TX, they cant sue me in MO, right? Besides, its not like Im not willing to pay. I am however not willing to pay whatever charge or fee they tack on there. This was only a $800 bill that they ran up to $1500 and offered settlement for $650. I only owed $450 on it and that is the payment that failed. Any kind words of advice?

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Wow, no response. I use to be able to get an answer within an hour here.

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Have you sent them a DV letter? How do you know they legally own the debt and have the right to collect on it?

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Im telling you I work at the place you all are talking about and its a bunch of crap. Look at bud hibbs website and find Law Office of Richard Clark, all the employees are telling the truth about out job. The place is going down hill and hopefully out of business soon..

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i to am now recieving threatening calls from the law office of richard clark any suggestions

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If you are receiving calls from this office, all you have to do is request the verification of debt. They will most likely say they wont request it because this has been going on for a long time. Just tell them you want the verification and by law, they can not call you until it comes back. And when it does come back 90% of the time it will not have a signature on it. So they can't do anything about it. Dont be fooled by any of their threats or anything like that. Just ask for VOD and they will be pissed.

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OK... I just got a call from my cousin tonight telling me that her mother in law had a phone call looking for me from "The law offices of Richard Clark." I have absolutly no idea what in the world it is about or why they would be contacting her? This is the first I have heard from them and I honestly think it is VERY rude of some out of the blue company to call distant family members before they even try to contact me directly... so I am right there with you! Do they even have that right?

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Do they have a right? Yes, until you tell them otherwise (C&D) they will contact any number they can find that you may have had, any realtive with your last name, anything they can find they will use in order to contact you. They have 5 days to send a letter from first contact.

Until you send a C&D letter they will continue to contact reatlives,neighbors etc.

Now do I think it's right? No.. I don't.

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My husband and I have been recieving calls and letters from this company for months. Last week they called stating that they were going to take us to court if we didn't schedule a payment right then. They also said that they could take money out of our paychecks. I scheduled a $400.00 payment to come out on the 31st. Is there anyway they will take me to court? Will we be taken to court of we try to cancel the payment? I can't even get the girl (Lilly) to call me back to talk about it. We don't have the money to pay it but we have overdraft and it will come out and leave us without being able to pay our rent and day care.

What do I do??

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