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John P Frye Law Office ripping me off, what can I do to get out of it?

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I have a debt that was with Household Bank, which was sold to Atlantic Credit & Finance. We had a deal worked with Household to pay it off with income $ in March, but they sold it before we got the money. Now, we've been dealing with John P. Frye who is now wanting full amount of debt, whereas Household cut us a deal that would've paid it off. We are to start paying John P Frye tomorrow, but I'm not feeling very good about this law firm. Feel like I might be getting ripped off. Anyone know anything about them. Thanks in advance.

If everyone on this sites morals were as good as you think you are then you wouldn't owe the debt in the first place. Live within your means. I never took my own advice therefore I also have an account with JPF. The reason they keep calling is because you never answer your phone because you know its a bill collector from somewhere. I answered my phone and set up a payment plan with them. I never got a paid in full letter but it is now showing satisfied on my credit report. Quit hiding from the collectors of the debt you ran up. Be a grown up and pay your bills. I learned the hard way but it can be done. Don't spend more than you make. Basic economics.

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#220--did you get a paid in full letter with it?? If not, be prepared for them or another JDB to come after you for the remaining balance, without that letter it will happen!!

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my daughter had an outstanding balance with HSBC and her account was sold to Atlantic. Her total bill was $1890 and we told them the best we could do is $900 in one payment and they accepted.

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i worked for jpf in 2008 and what a scam. they will not sue you just send a cease and disist letter from a form letter on the internet. ask for detailed list of charges and your account will go back to atlantic credit and finance and it will sit there for years until statue runs out.

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if they do not say the call is being recorded and this is an attept to collect a debt then they will pay your debt off and you can sue them. trust me!

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just file a bar complaint against mr fry, that will get them off your back.

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What do I do if I received a call looking for my son from this company?

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Join class action suit against this firm.

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I did a search of the virgina bar and found no search lawyer currently practicing, they are nothing more than a scam collection agency and use the name as a scare tactic.

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Go to and click on wording part time, this company you are talking about is a call center. I just happened to run up on your website trying to get more info on John P. Frye Co. I am looking for part time work. No way in hell would i ever work for a company that harassas people. Shame on them. I would be cautious would i spoke to at any call center, usually the people hired are shady, they may get your personal info. and steal your identity. They are already working with people that have credit issues, what a good job to be in to add to someones missery!

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