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John P Frye Law Office ripping me off, what can I do to get out of it?

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I have a debt that was with Household Bank, which was sold to Atlantic Credit & Finance. We had a deal worked with Household to pay it off with income $ in March, but they sold it before we got the money. Now, we've been dealing with John P. Frye who is now wanting full amount of debt, whereas Household cut us a deal that would've paid it off. We are to start paying John P Frye tomorrow, but I'm not feeling very good about this law firm. Feel like I might be getting ripped off. Anyone know anything about them. Thanks in advance.

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Sub: #1 law office of john p frye
Wed, 03/28/2007 - 12:47

Have you confirmed with the law firm about your account information? Did Law Office of John P Frye send you the total outstanding balance in writing and other papers that confirms about their authorization to collect on your account?

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Sub: #2 office of john p frye law firm
Wed, 03/28/2007 - 12:51

One more thing.. How did you know that Household Bank has actually sold your account and not hired another company for collections? You should be able to work out payments if Household Bank still has your file in their system? Give them a call and know the latest status on your file. If it's with them and you have their offer in writing, put your proposals.


Sub: #3 John P Frye
Thu, 03/29/2007 - 04:15

Law Office of John P Frye has confirmed the amount of the loan with us over the phone as well as letter from their office stating they are attempting to collect on behalf of Atlantic Credit & Finance. We've actually tried to talk to Household and they've confirmed that the account has been sold and there's nothing more they can do for us.


Sub: #4 AC&F/Law Office of John P Frye
Fri, 04/06/2007 - 17:10

I to have just started speaking to them in writting all of it. I sent letter 1 for validation they sent back one of there letters with there letter head stating all info. but my records show diffrent so I sent out validation letter #2 asking them to show me how they came up with the balance. So I cant give you any heads up on them I know there are a couple thing that confuse me about these two identities / same office, same secratary, same type of buisness Frye is also a lic. collection agency/Lawer conflict of intrest if you ask me, but what do I know.
So in speaking of $ how were they to deal with?
Did Law Office of John P Frye say ounce paid they will remove/delete the Trade Line from report? Was the debt purchased somewhere around 2/19/07.
Sorry for all the bla bla bla but Im trying to find out what kind of debt buyers /attorney/collection agency this is. He** I cant even figure out who is doing what! misleading if you ask me.
well good luck let us know how they do?

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Sub: #5 John P Frye law office
Fri, 04/06/2007 - 17:46

Buda is write, only deal with them in writing. If the debt was sold, it's a whole other ball game. Be sure to send a letter demanding validation of the sum they say you owe, and any contractual obligation you have to Frye and Atlantic. Accept no less than a full accounting of why you owe what they say, how they calculated it, and What any fees are they might have taked on, and why and how they were calculated. Go to findlaw or someother site and look up the summary of Fields vs. Wilber Law Firm (US Ct of Appeals 7th District 2004). This will help on the minimun requirements for debt validation. Fields won because the debt buying lawyer lied and missled about fees and the amount due.


Sub: #6 Law Firm of John P Frye
Fri, 06/15/2007 - 14:18

I had a debt with HSBC and defaulted also. Law Office of John P Frye is horrible. They will tell you that you must pay now. When you can't they back off the required amount but continue to harrass. I had a debt of $6k+ is is now less than $4K but it has been a nightmare. What is do bad is that they have many different peole calling so. They call the day after a payment has been made. But I have no choice to deal with them until it is paid off.


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Sub: #7 Law Office of John P Frye, beware
Fri, 06/15/2007 - 14:57


Ok, I did a basic search. Still waiting for my access information for PACER to arrive in the mail, but I found something you guys need to know.

Everyone here that is dealing with this attorney John P Frye needs to know that this law office is currently being sued in Colorado for violating the fdcpa. The case was filed two days ago: :2007cv01238/case_id-102596/

I wish I could get more info, but it looks like I will have to check out PACER when my login info gets here.

This is important because if this lawyer is willing to violate the law with this one person, he is likely to ve just as willing to do it with you. Send off the validation letters, cover your bases, seriously! If I get any more info I will pass it along to you.

EDIT--just to illustrate the person you are dealing with, folks, John P Frye, attorney, out of Roanoke, VA, is a franchisee with none other that CACV....Look on the Bud Hibbs website for this information. CACV is one of the worst CA's ever to exist in this country, and the attorney you guys are now dealing with is affiliated with them. Make sure you really cover all the bases here.


Sub: #8 Collect America John P Frye Law Office Collection Scam.
Thu, 06/28/2007 - 13:00

Collect America aka John P Frye will not settle debts like other collection agencies that are professional. They threatened to tack on attorney fees and sue me over a $ 961 debt what a laugh. I told them that is a small claims court amount and they will never sue over it. I offered to settle the debt and they refused and started threatening me. I told them they cannot threaten me under the fdcpa. I told them I could settle for 55 percent but they refused and then I told them you are forcing me to go to bankruptcy here, wink wink to you guys who know.

This law office Collect Office John P Frye stuff is a collection scam with lawyers who just put their name on the door because a lawyer is out for quick money they buy the debts for as low as two to three cents on the dollar and I was trying to settle for 50 or 55 cents on the dollar. NCO is a real good collection company because they are totally professional and I like that. I can not be threatened because I have nothing, I have already been through the three trials and ordeals: death, failure and destruction, and finally I am already backed up by the Man Himself Who they cannot threaten.


Sub: #9 John P Frye law firm
Fri, 06/29/2007 - 18:44

I've seen attorneys suspended from the bar for doing a lot less (unprofessional and unethical conduct). Always report "attorneys" such as John P Frye to the state bar where they are licensed.

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Sub: #10 I forgot to sign in on that last post.
Fri, 06/29/2007 - 18:46

I forgot to sign in on that last post.

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