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So, I just started getting these calls from them saying I owe this money for this account. Funny thing is I have a payment plan set with the OC and am still paying them monthly. I just got a letter confirming my next transaction. I call the OC and they have no idea whats going on! However this collection office is RUDE!!! Saying they can't do payment plans, they won't help with a settlement in less than a few days. I could have a settlement however I would want it in writing and I certainly would need more than 7 days to deal with it all. The guy tells me to call relatives and borrow money becuase this has to be done before the end of the month. This was all before I started reading up on my rights. So, I have now sent two letters, one regular mail then the second certified because I didn't think to do that originally. Sent DV letters from this site. I stupidly answered the phone today and it was them. I told them they will be recieving a letter from me and I fully intend to use my rights and that I am still paying to the OC so I don't understand. He told me they know the law and fully intend to do their jobs. Whatever, from what I have read on all kinds of sites they are shady. So, I am covering my butt and going to insist they only contact me in writing via usps becuase it sounds like they are capable of doing horrible things and lots of harrassment. I won't have it. I will continue to pay the OC according to their agreement and will continue to work with them I am not sure why this company got involved it makes no sense. I had this happen before but they thankfully when I told them I was still paying the OC left me alone. So, I am not sure what is going on.

The person I talked to today acted like they are doing what is right and that it will be no big deal providing me with the information I requested and that once I get that the balance is due in full without exception. Hmmmm....that's what they told me earlier and now to find out I had 30 days to deal with this? Yeah whatever. If I could pay it off I would have already but I have been paying payments to the OC for over two years faithfully, automatically actually, never late, never missed. So if for some reason this were to get taken to court well, good luck becuase I have been paying and can pull my bank records showing it. Every month, automatically drafted through the company. So, how could a judge complain if the consumer is paying faithfully? Isn't that part of the deal?

Grrrr....I am getting so worked up by this all becuase the intelligent part of me says well, their in AZ and they said that they will recommend to their Client that they pursue further collection actions which could be do you do that if you aren't in the state I am in (MD)? And why would the "client" pursue anything becuase they are regularly and faithfully getting money from me?


If you're dealing with the OC and they have told you they have no idea why these people are calling you...why are you even talking to them? I would send a C&D immediately and be done with them.

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